5 Blogging Tips You Can Learn Still in College

The power of the internet and social media is massive and it has surely revolutionaries the daily lives of people all across the world. With time, people have now become the creators and generators of information than simply being the consumers of inform. And in this direction, blogs are the most effective and powerful agents of this transformation. In case you are also planning to stat up your own blog, all you need is a computer set and a mind full of fresh thoughts & ideas. And you can get started.

Creating & establishing your own blog might seem quite easy, but a critical and important part is to keep maintaining the quality of content in your blog and be consistent. And there cannot be any better time than college life to learn some of the best and most successful tips for writing a good blog. You can make your academic years more worthy and exciting by starting your own blog. Surely, college students have a lot many things to talk and write about.

So here are some of the blogging tips that you can learn while you are in college;

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  • Research: Blogging is one thing which requires a lot of research work in the background. You have to be sure that whatever information goes into that blog should be 100 percent precise and correct. For that you should have a strong base of research work that is based on facts and figures. Once should always be open to learning at any stage of life, and college life is one such stage where you are continuously learning new things, exploring, writing research papers. Hence, if you want to be a successful blogger you should embed the practice of detailed research in your routine. The research can be primary or secondary. Primary research is when you yourself conduct a study by conducting a survey or noting down people’s opinion about a particular topic. Secondary research as the name suggests, refers to learning about something through books, internet or journals.
  • Networking: To make your blog popular and known it is important for people to know that it exists! The internet is flooded with a number of blogs and bloggers that it is little challenging to you’re your blog stand out. In this case, you have to reach out to your friends, family and your other acquaintances to make them know about your blog. During your college life, you must possess strong networking skills. You meet so many new people, your peers, seniors and juniors in college and even your professors and teachers. Trust me you will gain extra brownie points if your professors know that you are into blogging and writing stuff online. You should also focus on blog branding. You can garner the maximum number of followers for your blog from your college itself. You can also establish connections from adjoining colleges or attend blog camps conducted at university level. It might also make you a popular figure in the university/college.
  • Earning some extra pennies: You don’t have to struggle with part time jobs to earn that extra money. Most of the college students work hard in part time jobs after college hours to get some extra bucks so that they can pay their tuition fees or pay their bills. You can also work as a freelancer and write articles for various blogs. All you would need is a reliable internet connection and an idea full of fresh thoughts and creativity. If you have a flair for writing and strong grammar, you can earn extra dollars. It also makes your confident, independent and self-motivated.
  • Fueling the Creativity: College time is one of the stages in your life where your life is happening and vivid. You meet so many people, do so many things, participate in plays, read so many books, and study different subjects. It makes your mind full of new ideas and fresh thoughts. And you can put all this creativity to your blogs and come up with some very good write ups. You also travel a lot and make a lot of new friends that furthers add on to your creativity. It is totally up to you how you pen down your experiences and make your write-ups interesting and fun to read. You can showcase your creativity by giving interesting and catch subject lines and heading to your articles. To make your blog look catchier you can use different templates and designs.
  • Juggle with Multitasking: There are so many things to do in your list while you are in college. You have to attend the lectures, complete your assignments, play sports, manage your social life, handle relationships and then obviously take out time for your blog. If you want to be a successful blogger, then no matter how busy your days are you have to take out time for your blog and update it. Depending upon your schedule, you can decide the frequency at which you will update your blog with new articles and write-ups. If you get well versed with multi-tasking in your college days itself, it will surely be easy to find time for your blogging at later stages. So without bunking classes and missing on any important assignments, you should take out time for writing your blog

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Starting a Blog

Before you start writing a blog, you must focus and think about what you would want to write about. Are there any specific interests or any other area of expertise about which you want to write and let the world know! You can also write something about your daily experiences with things or something that you are passionate about. It is always easier to write about topics that you can easily relate to. Otherwise, you start losing interest in your own blog and eventually stop updating it.

Once you have decided what all you are going to write about, it’s then time to give your blog a name. Make sure that you keep the name short and catchy. Also note that short names are easy to remember. Also when it comes to designing your blog, you can find thousands of templates online to choose from. It is also important to choose a trust worthy host for your blog. You can choose a reliable host for your blog that offers a fast response time. Please note that when you write a blog, it not only about writing. There are also other things associated with it, like the layout, templates and the design of your blog. Either you can use your own technical skills or take the help and assistance of someone who has a strong hold on computer languages and software like Adobe, SEO, and Photoshop etc.

Remember you get that only one chance to make a good first impression. You can make use of engaging videos, big bold photos to support your writing and make your blog more appealing and attractive.

Being A Successful Blogger

Blogging is surely not a one way process. To have your number of readers increasing, it is important for you to keep them engaged. Your readers will come back for your articles if you manage to bring some value addition in their lives through your articles. The internet is flooded with millions of blogs and blog writers. You can always win the loyalty of your readers if you are able to influence their lives’ in any way possible. You can also seek their reviews and comments on articles.

You must proofread your articles before reading them and make sure that only quality content and articles go into your blog. If you start working as a freelance blogger, then you might have to write about many things. And in this process you will also learn about a lot of new things. You can always get in contact with the experts of a field that you are going to write about. It will give you great level of understanding of the topic.

To become an accomplished blog writer it might take some time. And if you start your blogging career from college itself, you get a good experience and time to mature as a writer and eventually increase the quality of articles that you write. The blogs are definitely easily accessible to people. There are so many people who read blogs religiously as a source of information and recreation.

Once your college gets over, and you go out in the market, looking for a job for yourself and if you have an experience of blog writing, then it will surely add credibility to your resume. You can write about anything almost anything that best matches your interests and grabs your attention.

In college time, you can make your leisure and free time more productive and worthy by starting blogs. Your juniors, peers will surely look up to you with respect and a source of inspiration in college.

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