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Uvisor is a leading career guide website created by a group of talented website developers and professional career advisors. Our mission is to provide the most accurate, up-to-the-minute information possible regarding your potential career choices to enable you to achieve the success you desire. We perform detailed and meticulous research in order to offer information that will help you start a new career, find a job, change jobs, and earn a better salary.

Uvisor provides articles describing various occupations, detailing the educational and training requirements, listing starting salaries and median incomes for each occupation, describing the duties and responsibilities of each job, and providing information concerning the job market outlook for that occupation.

Uvisor also offers instructional advice concerning writing resumes, writing cover letters, writing resignation letters and interviewing for a job. With this advice, job seekers are better equipped to market themselves to potential employers and have a better likelihood of successfully seeking employment.  In addition to the many helpful tips provided on this website, you will also be given sample resumes and job-related letters to enhance your own resume writing skills.

Our career guide team is comprised of experienced professionals in human resources management, expert researchers, scholars, technicians and highly trained writers who are all dedicated to offering the very best career advice and information on our website. All articles, samples and tips included on the Uvisor website are written by professional career advisors who have many years of experience successfully placing job candidates and advising employees in career advancement.

You are invited to browse the Uvisor website and find the information you need in order to achieve career success, enter a new occupational field, earn a higher salary and obtain employment in a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Our Team

Annie (With over 20 years human resource management experience)

Nirmala Gautam (University Professor with 12+ years experience)

Padam (Government Job Holder)

Krishna (Tech Inspired Young Guy)


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