Advice On Creating The Perfect Substitute Teacher Resume

How much do you want to become a substitute teacher? Do you love the idea of teaching young children new things? Do you have a passion for working with kids in order to make them a little smarter each and every day? If so, then becoming a substitute teacher might be the perfect career path for you. Now, just because you want to be a substitute teacher doesn’t mean you will be one, unless you have a resume to get you there.

Creating the perfect substitute teacher resume is not that complicated, however, it will require a little know-how on your part. It is because of all the people out there that have never created a resume that I want to give you some advice on creating one. What you need to understand is that basic skills is all most schools require, anything additional is just a plus.


Advice On Creating The Perfect Substitute Teacher Resume

Start With Your Past Employment – It is very important to start with your past employment. The reason you need to do this is so that the person reading your resume knows that you have held a position similar to the one you are trying to get. For most people they think that their employment history is a small factor in the hiring process, however, this is something that most people find critical to hiring. Just do yourself a favor and keep all your employment history in order from most current. By doing this you will ensure that your resume is easy to read and understand.

Give Educational Background – What is your education? Have you completed any years of college? Do you have a degree in a specific field? What about classes you have taken to improve your current skill set? All of these things need to be addressed in the resume. Where most people make a huge mistake is they don’t include everything from their educational background. Although you might think this is not a huge problem, it could be when compared to another resume. Something that I strongly recommend is that you provide a large space on the resume just for your education.

Certifications Are A Huge Bonus – On top of education, certifications are important as well. These are normally a big bonus for you as many people don’t include certifications in their resumes. What I suggest is that you place any copies of your certifications with your resume. By doing this you will show proof that you have actually completed these and you are not just saying you have. Proof for any potential employer is a huge plus because they really don’t know you and are not sure how much they can believe without a prior meeting.

Include References With Your Resume – Have you ever heard somebody say that a reference is not that big of a deal? If you have then just know that references are a huge deal. The reason I say references are a huge deal is because you can get a job based solely on who you know.  When you know very prominent people in the community then employers will look at you as somebody that can be a valuable asset to them. In the teaching community you need to understand that more teachers, principals, deans, and even admission officers are great people to know.

List Important Skills – What are some of the skills that you have? Out of those skills how many of them are ones that you feel would be a good fit for a substitute teacher position? It is a good idea to only list the skills that you know will benefit you as a substitute teacher, as all other skills might be irrelevant and only take up valuable space on your resume. One thing I do suggest is that you brush up on your skills as well so that you are not making a false claim.

Make It Stand Out – This is extremely important, so don’t forget this. Make your resume stand out. Now, I am not talking about printing it on blue paper either. What I would do is print your resume on a thicker, more professional stock. The reason you do this is because the paper won’t just blow around the person’s desk, it will feel more like an important document. Also, having a bold name on the top and placing the resume in a folder is a nice touch as well. Just know that adding too much to make your resume stand out is only a good thing if your resume is worth reading.

When creating a resume most people make the mistake of putting all their personal information first, however, you should put all the most important information first. The reason you need to make this small adjustment is because it will make a huge impact as to how far into your resume a potential employer gets. Just think, what skill or trait do you have that the employer won’t want to pass up?

Being that you might not have all the skills of a highly qualified substitute teacher, I want you to do something to set yourself apart from every other applicant.

Getting More Certifications

The best way to get any job, especially in a school is to get more certifications. Whether you are getting a certification in a second language, physical education, health services, or even CPR won’t matter, all that matters is that you are padding your resume with information every employer will want to see. Just know that with every certification that you receive, it will make it that much more likely that you will get a job as a substitute teacher.

So, are you ready to become a substitute teacher? If so, then you need to take the time and create a resume that is worth reading. The way you can tell if your resume is worth reading is to read it yourself and see how you feel, then have a friend read it and tell you what their thoughts are on it. I guarantee you that there will be fixes that need to be made, so don’t worry too much about that. Spend a day or so going through your resume until it is almost perfect because that is the only way you will become a substitute teacher.

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