Avoid the deadliest blunders while seeking job

If you are anxiously seeking a job, you would most naturally be hoping to land up with an seeking jobopportunity. But there are certain things that you should strictly restrict yourself from doing or indulging in while hunting for a job. Here are some of them that you should try not falling prey to.

  •   Not writing the cover letterAs it is that formalities play a great role both during job seeking and facing an interview, they should be given particular attention. The job seekers are often noticed as being casual with the formalities. But, this is something that should be strictly taken care of. When making an application for a job, it is important that you state all the information that is true and genuine. People often forget, or rather, do not pay heed to providing a cover letter. It is a necessary means of communication that conveys the status of their resume. Missing out on the cover letter can often be regarded as a casual approach by the recruiter that can, in turn, prolong the period of unemployment for the person.
  •  Creating a bare bone resumeYour resume should summarize your educational as well as professional achievements. Hobbies play a very important role in conveying the kind of person you are to your recruiter. The job seekers often do not mention their hobbies in their resume. Another important point that should not go amiss about the writing of a resume is that it should be well structured and synchronized. There are cases where the job seekers have submitted their resume, and even when they are the perfect ones for the job, their resume have been overlooked because of lack of synchronization and purpose. A sketchy and bare bone structure of resume is most often overlooked. These apart, there should be no exaggeration of your qualifications and achievements as it can lead to a rejection of your candidature status. One of the most important points that deserve mention is that it is the content of the application and not the length that matters.
  •   Lack of socializing and mixing with acquaintances. 

    Mixing up with people and socializing has often times helped curb the unemployment problem of people. Meeting the old acquaintances like the batch mates or those that are influential can help you in landing with a job, quite unexpectedly. People often commit the blunder of being ashamed of their unemployed status and consequently they do not let people, especially their acquaintances, know their state. It can always happen that you land up with a job where you were referred by your old friend, or a distant relation. Such are the instances where socializing takes a crucial part to play. Being an introvert in such cases, can, on the very contrary, result in triggered problems of unemployment.

  •   Scattering the resume to limited places 

    As a job seeker you should first decide the kind of job that you want for yourself. Having decided that, you should drop your resume at both the nearby places and the distant places. In the same vein it must be stated that people often make the blunder of choosing the areas where to drop their resume. Choices, very strictly, should not be guided by names of organization and the other immaterial considerations. Another blunder that most of the job seekers do is being impatient. When still unemployed and in search of a job, people need to have patience. In the same connection, it should be mentioned that if no response comes from the places where the resume have been dropped, they should not be dropped again. Sending the resume over and over again does not create an opportunity for landing up with the job. The company or the companies would select the required candidate in accordance with their need. Sending the resume more than once over a short period implies impatience of the candidate applying for the job and it might lead to cancellation of the application.

  •   Abstaining from participation in social networks 

    People, desperately in search of a job, often do not pay heed to the social networks. Enrolling oneself with the job providing communities or agencies really helps in getting a job. Abstaining from participation in the social networks can act adversely. If you have created a profile at the job seeking sites, you should make sure that it is complete. Incomplete profiles are overlooked by the recruiters and it might be that just the right recruiter had been viewing your profile and has overlooked it because of its incomplete status. Another point that should not skip mention is that shying away from or avoiding the group discussions shows a deficit of the skills of communication. It thereby, takes you far away from employment. Discussions often open up courses for getting a job, avoiding which can cause you to miss out on a possible job opportunity.

  •   Attitude and behavior at the interview for a job 

    When you are up for an interview, there are certain things that you need to remember. The foremost thing that you should remember is that every place has decorum and you should maintain that. You should avoid getting into a heated up discussion prior to the interview as it not only defocuses you, but can create a wrong impression on the recruiter. People often go weak in their knees while appearing for an interview. This can cause them to fumble for words that can negate their chances for landing up with the job, as one of the main purposes of interview is to check the level of confidence in the aspiring candidate. However, care should be taken to see that the candidate is not over casual with the recruiter as too can have an adverse effect as well. Over confidence is a negative trait and leads to erase the opportunities. Behavior and attitude, again, play an important role.


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