Courtesy Clerk: Job Description and Other Information

Courtesy clerks, also referred to as customer service representatives, are full and part-time retail workers who carry out an array of functions that satisfy customer’s needs. In general, these employees are positioned at the store’s customer service counter from where they directly report to the general manager or an assistant. They also assist in the prompt and efficient checkout service of customers by helping them unload items onto the check stands, packing groceries, and offering carry out services.

The main goal of a courtesy clerk is to provide exceptional customer service in an environment that is clean and safe to ensure the customer’s return visit. This is accomplished in a number of ways, including: treating the customers and other workers in a fair and ethical manner, promoting an inclusive work atmosphere, showing responsibility and compassion, and providing the right products at the right time at a price that is accurate.

Courtesy Clerk Job Description

Courtesy Clerk Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Behaving in a professional manner, showing a positive attitude, speaking in favor of the company when around customers and other workers
  2. Following all the established guidelines and policies regarding physical appearance
  3. Following all the procedures and policies laid out by the company
  4. Bagging groceries quickly and at the same time ensuring that the plastic bag or paper is not overloaded and the items will not be damaged
  5. Assisting the cashier in removing the products from the bottom of the cart and putting them on the top of the cart or on the checkout counter
  6. Carrying loaded bags to the customer’s car
  7. Brining carts in from the parking area
  8. Cleaning the counters, floors, parking lots, and restrooms
  9. Emptying trash cans from the entire store
  10. Carrying out price checks for the cashier
  11. Knowing the exact merchandise spots throughout the entire store
  12. Returning products to the store shelves
  13. Changing the ads and signs in the storefront or in the front window
  14. Reading price labels in order to check the prices of products
  15. Bringing grocery bag bales from the storage room and putting them under every check lane counter
  16. Operating the baler and locating the bales onto a pallet
  17. Providing information to customers by confirming understanding of request, offering assistance, answering questions
  18. Initiating service by recording requests; forwarding to dispatching
  19. Collecting revenue by recording and receiving payments
  20. Resolving billing issues by recognizing the problem, explaining processes, and forwarding all the required amendments
  21. Improving quality of results by recommending changes, bringing in creative input, and assessing procedures
  22. Updating knowledge of jobs by taking part in educational opportunities
  23. Accomplishing company’s mission and customer service by finishing related tasks as required
  24. Giving customers recommendations about what to buy, and which products are currently in trend and of value. Also informing them about special offers, discounts and yearly membership programs
  25. Sweeping and mopping floors and making sure they are clean and tidy at all times
  26. Answering customer concerns regarding manufacturers, pricing, and sales tax
  27. Filling in place of the cashier if required
  28. Welcoming every customer with a smile and greeting them pleasantly
  29. Helping customers find the right products, and guiding them throughout the store
  30. Picking up empty trash cans in the store
  31. Restocking shelves when they run short of goods
  32. Handling reusable bags paper and plastic with care and following best practices
  33. Stocking and cleaning shelves and getting rid of any expired items
  34. Making sure that cash counters never run out of bags
  35. Ensuring that the products are neatly and attractively organized on shelves
  36. Maintaining friendly yet professional communication with co-workers and customers
  37. Patrolling and managing shopping carts and parking lots
  38. Rounding up any stray shopping carts and putting them in the right spot
  39. Directing customers to the exchange and returns department of the store
  40. Responding to customers who have special requests, such as packing certain goods together
  41. Going in the fitting room and retrieving accessories and outfits for customers
  42. Picking up any litter from the parking area and the store and ensuring that it is thrown away in the trash cans
  43. Dusting shelves and goods
  44. Identifying the type of goods and making sure they are bagged separately
  45. Checking price of the item to make sure that it is in line with the current price list
  46. Ensuring that heavy products are double bagged
  47. Ensuring the safety of items (like milk and eggs) by handling them gently
  48. Preparing rebate vouchers

Skills and Abilities Required

  1. A friendly attitude and cheery personality with other traits like patience and tolerance when dealing with customers
  2. Willingness and dedication towards helping customers in need at all times. This can include walking them through the aisle and placing items on shelves
  3. Ability to arrange cart for customers quickly, and bagging items in the bag
  4. Good communication skills, which means listening attentively to customers, answering their questions, addressing their concerns, and persuading them to buy certain item.
  5. Must be able to keep calm at all times. A courtesy clerk’s job can become very frustrating if they are dealing with an excited customer. Candidates must remain calm and composed at all times instead of losing their temper and worsening the situation
  6. Should know basic math and literacy skills which will enable them to carry out quick calculations when assisting the cashier or customers
  7. Ability to remain on feet for long periods of time and have physical endurance, which is required to lift weights, push carts and walk around the store throughout the shift
  8. Ability to resolve conflicts, both with customers and co-workers, which is pretty common in retail stores
  9. A courtesy clerk’s job is not as simple as it seems- it requires tending to more than one thing at one time. It is therefore important that candidates be aware of their surroundings at all times and take quick action whenever required
  10. Ability to solve problems on their own and not always remain dependent on the senior management (unless not permitted)
  11. Should pay attention to detail and must be thorough in whatever that needs to be taken care of.
  12. Swilling to learn and improve at all times
  13. Should pay special attention to quality
  14. Following the safety standards very closely to avoid workplace disasters
  15. Good listening skills
  16. Showing ability to apply rational thinking and understanding to carry out detailed instructions.
  17. Coping with unexpected problems efficiently, safely and quickly
  18. Excellent capacity of transferring goods via automatic equipment like pallet jack
  19. Willingness to partake in required training and to work as a team player in order to increase sales and customer satisfaction
  20. Well-versed in giving precise information to coworkers and customers
  21. Ability to write simple correspondence
  22. Outstanding interpersonal skills
  23. Demonstrating capability to lift, carry, push, and pull equipment
  24. Ability to read and comprehend basic instructions, memos and short communication
  25. A gregarious and friendly attitude
  26. Should be able to cope in a fast-paced and hectic environment
  27. Must pay attention to personal hygiene and self- grooming in order to appear more pleasant and approachable to customers

Qualifications, Educational Requirements and Experience Needed

  • Must be 16 years of age or more to qualify for the job of a courtesy clerk
  • High school education is preferred (or contemporary enrollment in an educational institution) or an equivalent combination of experience and education
  • A strong physique as the job entails lifting of heavy weights that can weight from 25 pounds up to 50 pounds
  • Prior experience is always preferred but not mandatory
  • Many retailers prefer courtesy clerks who can manage work without any schedule restrictions since stores work at night and also during holidays and weekends
  • Should be aware of the basics of customer service (experience is always a bonus)


The average pay for a courtesy clerk is $8.46 per hour. It is interesting to note that pay for this type of job doesn’t change much with added experience, with the most experienced earning only a little more as compared to someone who has little or no experience. However, the total earnings can comprise of hourly tips, overtime pay, commission and bonus. In addition to that, the pay may vary depending on the retail store, its geographical location and the prevalent minimum pay law.

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As per the National Retail Federation, the retail industry is where a lot of people kick start their careers. As of 2010, more than 50% of working teens were employed by retailers and over 50% of retail workers were employed in positions related to services.

Courtesy clerks play a key role at retail stores, thus, having the appropriate knowledge regarding their job description, whether as someone looking to apply for the job position or as a recruiting manager, will help you in accomplishing the best performance on the job.

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