Creative Director Job Description, Salary & Responsibilities

A creative director is someone who has to make sure the highly skilled and creative members of an organization work together to bring their creativity to life. A creative director someone from whom creativity and leadership qualities are expected. You will have to be an expert on all the aspects and sides of being creative to get the most creative work done in the most cost and time efficient way.

This job is very dynamic one, which means you have to adapt to changes as quickly as possible. For example, one day you might have to write about the launch of a company and the next day you might be training your team.

Since creative directors have to spend most of their time around designers, content writers, sales and marketing and sales teams, they have to learn all their skills. This makes the fact very clear that being a creative director is one tough job. Let’s assume one gets this amazing job but would the person be able to keep up with huge load and burden? Well obviously not since it requires not only learning various sets of skills but also dedication, commitment and passion is required.

Creative Director

Which Qualities Are Expected From A Creative Director?

To be a creative director, one must have much more than just creativity. To make it easier to understand, let’s consider both the words, creative and director, separately!

One must need to take his/her innermost desires and use creativity to bring them to life. While some people are born with creative skills, some tend to become creative by taking interests in different things such as art, dance, photography and changing their perspective.

On the other hand, a director of a company has the responsibilities of determining and implementing the company’s policies. They have to make intense decisions and have to deal with various situations.  Since the directors have a very deep connection with the firm, they are keen to make it not just profitable but also long lasting. Along with this, the directors of a firm also have to make sure the employees are well treated and are provided a friendly working environment.

A creative director will need all these skills and qualities.

Responsibilities & Duties of a Creative Director

Any creative director of a firm is responsible for delivering a high quality work and that with the help of a team selflessly working together. Following are the basic duties and responsibilities that are expected from a creative director under almost every situation.

  • A creative director is supposed to deal with clients by making sure their queries are immediately answered and their needs are clearly understood. The clients should also be helped in deciding the perfect thing in case the client is confused or double-minded.
  • Should stay updated – participate in various creative activities and functions in the city.
  • Updates job knowledge by learning from professional organizations.
  • Stay in touch with everyone in the company – from the CEO to the team members – so that the strategies and plans are well communicated.
  • Double or even triple checking the work once it is completed.
  • Monitor all the costs and expenses. Execute the plan in the most cost efficient way possible.
  • Gives training to the staff and monitors their performance.
  • Value the members and their skills and assign them separate projects to increase their confidence.
  • Thinks outside the box.
  • Does not compromise on quality. Makes sure each component of the project is finely finished and works perfectly fine.
  • Gives the members a clear vision and way to achieve the goal and works with them the whole time.
  • Makes sure the members’ opinions and suggestions are also considered.
  • Revises the plan and the final output to identify and correct mistakes.
  • Accepts failure and has the courage to try again.
  • Goes with the flow – makes sure the current fashion is not ignored.
  • Identifies and avails opportunities of expanding the client base so that not only the company earns more profits but also the employees/team members get more exposure and get to learn more.
  • Finalizes the deal with the clients and gets an approval before taking any action.
  • Knows how to clearly target a specific market.
  • Uses the most efficient and convenient ways of communication.
  • Use personal networks and contacts to get better information about the job.
  • Keeps up with the sales and marketing teams to track different markets.
  • Is present during the whole process – from concept to completion.
  • Keeps the clients updated at every step by sharing all the necessary information.
  • Is very punctual and delivers before deadlines.
  • Allows other creative departments to give help and advice to achieve an improved quality work.
  • Achieves the final goal by completing the projects and producing what was needed in the first place.

Skills, Experience & Education

While many people start off by gaining a bachelor’s or even a master’s degree and years of experience in the creative field, most people working as a designer, copywriter or dancer use their experience and start learning marketing and advertising techniques to get into careers like creative director which allows them to show their creativity to the world while managing and coaching a number of people working for them.

In most firms a degree in arts is required for the post. But do not worry if you do not have one and want to apply for the job as there are still many companies who look for creativity and leadership qualities instead of a piece of paper.

Just to give you a clear numerical analysis, 68% of the creative directors in the US have a bachelor’s degree. Only 16% have a master’s degree. Only 1% of the creative directors have neither a bachelor’s degree nor a diploma. This proves the fact that there is always a chance for people to get their desired jobs without fulfilling, what some companies call, the basic requirements.

You can get a bachelor’s or master’s degree in graphic design, art, communication designing, journalism and other related fields. You can also keep your resume and your skills updated by getting certifications. This will help you improve your skills and keep up with the technology as you learn more about graphic design, social media and other related things. This will also help you stay ahead in almost all the facets of creativity. You will get to work with the latest designs, websites etc. Creative directors might have to deal with the day-by-day changing technological and fashion trends. This will also educate you and make you a very wise person, as you will have the knowledge of many new things.

Apart from all the creativity, one will have posses the knowledge of marketing basics and techniques to become a creative director as these are as important as being creative. Along with this the person applying for the job is required to have a lot of patience and should not be short tempered as he would be dealing with a number of people at the same time during the entire job. Quick decision making and dealing calmly with emergencies is also one important set of skill required. One must know exactly what to make, how to make and for whom to make.

Clear understanding and knowledge of modern software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite, 3-D designing etc. would give you an edge over other candidates.

The most important thing looked for in the people applying for the job of a creative director is their experience. Most companies will only offer you the job if you have an experience of at least five to seven years. However, if you are lucky, some companies might consider you if you do not have enough experience. The experience will help you understand the changing trends of the let’s say fashion industry over the years thus enabling you to predict the next trend or how long the current one will last.

How Much Money Can You Make As A Creative Director?

According to the most reliable resources, creative directors make a huge amount each year and can make enough money to spend their vacations at their own luxury beach house and what not. Creative directors with more than 8 years of experience can earn up to $186,750 annually.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual salary of a creative director in 2010 was $108,260.

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Perks Of Being a Creative Director

Once you get the job, you will be able to avail various once in a lifetime opportunities. You might get to travel around the world and explore new places. Yes this can happen if you get overseas postings or have to go abroad for certain projects. Moreover you get to meet some of the most respected and famous celebrities and personalities. Some companies might also offer you other benefits such as health, traveling etc.

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