How To Write A Dental Assistant Resume That Shines

If you are pursuing a dental assistant career or you wish to change your existing career, be sure to be fully prepared at the very beginning. Dental assistant profession is one of the most delicate ones, since you will need strong interpersonal skills combined with the relevant technical qualifications. The dental assistants are responsible for the increase of the efficiency of the dentist’s performance and his providing of great oral health, so the diversity in the tasks is somewhat a positive attribute. It is a profession that offers a great flexibility because of the constant dental assistants demand, offering the opportunity of working full-time or part-time.


Different dental offices set different variety of tasks for their dental assistants. Some of the dental assistant responsibilities include:

  • Providing assistance to the dentist during different treatments or even surgeries;
  • Collecting relevant information about the patient’s medical history;
  • Sterilizing the instruments and taking care that the equipment is in excellent order;
  • Taking dental radiographs, developing them and presenting them to the dentist;
  • Taking care of the patient’s comfort (since the dentist can be disturbing event for some people);
  • Instructing patients towards an effective oral care after a certain treatment;
  • Completing office tasks that require the use of a personal computer;
  • Making patient’s appointments, communicating with the suppliers, billing etc.;
  • Advising the patient about the necessary further dental care or needed treatments, and assisting in the procedure of providing it.


In the pursuit of a dental assistant career, the first impression will be made through your resume, so make sure it contains all the necessary information, shows your qualities and strengths, adequate education, relevant work experience, certificates and proficiencies. Here is some guidance on how to design your perfect resume.


Phone number



Intended For:

This is a section where you can briefly describe why you are sending the certain dental office your resume. If you are in the middle of a career shift, include the relevant factors. It may be composed of just few short and effective lines:

–       Pursuing a career as a dental assistant since it offers a scope for facing different challenges;

–       The job brings professional experience that will be considered as an advantage;

–       And so forth.

Work Experience:

In this section you should insert your relevant work experience regarding the career you are seeking for. You may want to remove other work experience that is not connected to the dental assistant profession (unless you have stated above that you are changing your whole career). Start by inserting your work experience from the last to your first:

Job Position (for example, Junior Dental Assistant)

Dates: from – to;

Name, address and phone number of the dental office/former employer;

Job responsibilities (make sure you state your responsibilities as clear as you can).


If you want to be a dental assistant, and maybe continue up the ladder, you need to have adequate degree diplomas and qualifications. Start by inserting the last degree you have obtained, chronologically moving towards the first degree. If some of your qualifications are not yet completed, you may want to insert “in progress” in the date section. This information should be inserted as follows:

Name of the diploma you have gained (along with the overall score);

Date: from – to;

Name, address and phone number of the educational institution where the diploma was gained.

Certification and Licensure:

If you own various certificates, received various relevant trainings, or have gained medical licenses, this is the section where you can display them, once again starting from the last and moving towards the first. If you do not own any it is best to skip this part, and move on to the next. For example:

Name of the certificate or license you have gained;

Date: from – to;

Name, address and phone number of the institution where the certificate or license was gained.

Use of computers:

Today, no matter what kind of a career you are looking for, computer proficiency is a must. So, give your best to learn how to use at least the basic programs. Whatever the case is with your computer literacy, be honest about your skills. In this section you can insert:

–       Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Internet browsing or

–       Skills in MS Word and Power Point.


This is a section that offers a great space for creativity. Here you can insert some of the best achievements you have obtained so far. They can address your interpersonal skills, your ability to work with the technical equipment in the dental office, efficient patient interaction and similar competencies.


Strengths and Goals:

Although not very conventional, this section may offer a certain insight in your ambition and personality, relevant to the future employer, so make sure to add strong, but realistic attributes. In the Strengths field make sure to include your finest achievements, for example:

–       ability to perform during long working hours;

–       accuracy in performance during critical situations;

–       steady hands and calmness during stressful periods;

–       knowledge of the pharmaceutical terminology;

–       fast and detail examining of the problem;

–       and so forth in the same manner.

Regarding the personal Goals section, the future employer would like to know your ambitions and the ability to dedicate to the tasks appointed. So try to be open and honest, and yet enthusiastic about your goals. You may also add that you want to improve the dental care of the office, as well as to stand as an inspiration for others by always working accurately.

Additional Information:

This will be the perfect part of your resume where you may add your different acquired skills and competencies, which are not directly connected to the dental assistant position you are pursuing. If you speak any other language, this is the section for it, or if you own any other certificates and trainings.

Good luck in your pursuit!

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