How to Describe Yourself at a Job Interview

When it comes to job interviews, one of the most difficult topics to handle is describing yourself. While talking about your skills and expertise might be more accessible, finding a way to sell yourself to the potential employer in just a few words can often prove troublesome. Luckily, we have a few tips that will help.

First off, remember that you’ll have to come up with an answer which shows the interviewer that you’re a good match for the company and the job you applied for. You need to consider the specifications of the job, the work environment, and the company culture. Saying that you’re a team player when you’re applying for a job where you’ll work mostly by yourself won’t win you any bonus points. If you’re expected to perform as part of a team, on the other hand, that’s a good quality to point out.

As a general rule, it’s best to lead by revealing a few strengths that directly relate to the position you’ve applied for. Keep the conversation as natural as possible and avoid giving an answer that sounds too rehearsed. Smile politely and do your best to appear as a positive, enthusiastic individual.

Employers are looking for candidates who are passionate about they do. They want problem-solvers, people with good communication skills, who are innovative, motivated, and goal-oriented. Keep these buzzwords in mind when deciding what to say. To help you out, we’ve listed a few sample answers below.

How to Describe Yourself

  • I would say that I’m humble, hard-working, and I like to challenge myself on a regular basis. I like to set goals in both my personal and professional life and then strive to accomplish them.
  • I am a very adaptable individual. As you can see from my resume, I’ve had the opportunity to activate in various working environments and I’ve managed to thrive in every single one. I’m not afraid of change and I never see obstacles, only challenges.
  • I’m a very creative person. I can easily come up with a unique perspective about a certain issue due to my wide range of interests and hobbies. Problems don’t unsettle me – they inspire me instead.
  • I’m a dedicated professional with over five years of experience in the field. I’m beyond certain that I could be efficient at the job and I’m confident when I say that I will even manage to improve the workflow.
  • I would say that what makes me best suited for the position is the fact that I can make good decisions fast. Anyone can make the right call when they had enough time to weigh the pros and cons. In our line of work, unfortunately, that’s not always possible. You need someone who can take charge and be decisive, and I believe that I’m the right candidate for that.
  • The first thing you need to know about myself is that I’m a team player. I’ve always functioned best as part of a team, and I’m hoping that I’ll get the chance to prove that to you as well. I can unite people around a vision and motivate them to excel.
  • I work best when I’m given the chance to prove myself without outside help. I’m not one to be micromanaged, and I like to always be in competition with myself. I understand the importance of goal-setting and I always push myself to reach my objectives in a timely manner.
  • I like to think as myself as a very innovative person. At my former job I worked on many projects that succeeded because of my unique take on them. I believe I would be able to do that here as well, if you’re willing to grant me that opportunity.
  • I’m a perfectionist, and I have very high expectations from myself. I’m confident in my ability to work hard and deliver quality results, in order to showcase my skills and expertise.
  • To be honest, I’m someone who thrives under pressure. Mundane work bores me. I need to be challenged in order to succeed, and I’m an expert when it comes to dealing with stress and impossible deadlines.
  • To put it simply, I love what I do. I’m passionate and motivated to excel, and that what allows me to always go the extra mile in order to make sure that my clients will be satisfied.
  • I like to keep a positive outlook on life and I bring that attitude at the office as well. There’s no problem that can’t be handled or issue that can’t be solved. You just need to find the right angle that will help you come up with an efficient solution.
  • I’m a very sociable person, and I think that open communication is one of the most important factors to contribute to a productive workplace.
  • I think that my best quality is the fact that I’m a fast learner. Even if I don’t have that much experience with a certain task, with a bit of guidance I’m able to accomplish it quickly.

As you can see from the examples above, it’s crucial to talk about your best qualities in a positive manner. At the end of the day, no job interviewer wants to hear about your pessimistic views of the world. Make sure you emphasize your qualities and pay attention to the interviewer’s reactions. If they somehow signal that you’ve talked for long enough, quickly get to your conclusion about how well the position fits you. You’ll have more time to bring up other skills later on.

As a last piece of advice: don’t make the mistake of memorizing a couple of sample answers listed above and use them at your next job interview. Authenticity is important, and the recruiter will be able to tell if you’re genuinely sincere or if you’re just telling them what they want to hear. Simply use them as guidance when coming up with a unique answer, phrased in your own words.

Analyze the job requirements carefully, do some research on the company, and determine what truly recommends you for the job. If you prepare properly, you’ll surely be able to dazzle the interviewer with your wits and expertise.

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