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According to US News, a position as an executive assistant is considered one of the top 10 jobs to hold in the modern business world. While many individuals consider the position to be nothing more than a high-level secretary, the median salary for an executive assistant may be as high as $45,000+. Top-ranking executive assistants may earn much more, in excess of $71,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

If you plan to hire an Executive Assistant, it is essential that you gain a quality assistant. This job description for an executive assistant is much different from that of an ordinary secretary. Most consider an executive assistant an executive level job. Thus it is important to present the job in an appropriate light, in order to attract the best candidates.

Here is an example of an appropriately written job description. Writing the job description in the correct way will ensure that you attract the best candidates for this position.

Executive Assistant Job Description

Description: Executive Administrative Assistant

Job Purpose: To provide support for top level executives by providing executive level administrative support by providing clerical support, receiving clients and visitors, arranging travel and correspondence, and scheduling meetings. May also be responsible for training and supervising lower level clerical staff.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Manage and maintain executive schedules, including scheduling travel and conferences, making appointments, and making changes to appointments.
  • Answering and directing calls to appropriate executives and parties, taking messages.
  • Greeting visitors and determining access to appropriate parties.
  • Overseeing administrative policies within an organization and within the office; recommending changes as appropriate.
  • Opening, sorting, and distributing correspondence, including email, faxes, and snail mail.
  • Reading and analyzing submissions, letters, agendas, memos and determining significance; routing to appropriate personnel in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Prepare reports, collect and analyze information; prepare presentations.
  • Develop and utilize historical information; provide retrieval of information. Record meeting discussions and provide minutes.
  • Maintain inventory and office supplies. Anticipate office needs; evaluate new office products; place and often expedite orders when necessary.
  • Ensure operation of office equipment, order maintenance when necessary. Troubleshoot malfunction of office equipment.
  • Provide payroll processing. Answer questions regarding payroll. Provide quarterly tax reports and filing.
  • Maintain knowledge by attending professional and technical educational seminars and workshops; review publications; establish professional and personal networks within the industry. Participate in societies relative to the business.
  • Data analysis; Proficient in Access, MS Word, Excel, Outlook. Perform filtering and sorting of data, V-lookup and other functions.
  • Coordinate finances, assist with budget preparation.
  • Train clerical staff on office equipment, policies and procedures, arrange for setup on new computers and logging of new employees in database.
  • Meet with special interest groups or individuals on behalf of executives.
  • Prepare executive responses to routine memos, letters, or correspondence.
  • Prepare checks for signature and review.
  • Provide clerical and general office support to other offices. Delegate tasks and responsibilities to other staff members when appropriate.
  • Prepare and develop a records management system; maintain and recommend changes to records system when appropriate.
  • Interact with customers when appropriate and problem solve. Document complaints and develop an appropriate course of action. Report problems to executives when they cannot be resolved for attention.
  • Evaluate policies to ensure they are in compliance with corporate rules and mission.


  • B.S. in Management or related field
  • 3+ years administrative support or executive assistance
  • Problem solving ability
  • Advanced MS Office experience


Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in accounting, payroll, or finance preferred
  • 1 year experience in human resources
  • Supervisory experience


Commensurate with Experience


Executive assistant job descriptions vary based on several factors. Some executive assistants work for a single executive. Others work in larger offices with a number of executives. Some may support 10 or more executives at one time. Clearly in a case like this, the job description must reflect the ability of the assistant to work with many different professionals at once. Even executive assistants working in smaller offices sometimes work with more than one department head.

Not all executive administrative assistants have supervisory responsibility, or have responsibility for many human resources functions. Some will have no budgetary responsibility, or payroll duties. Some will be solely responsible for managing functions related to the supervisor’s schedule, travel arrangements, and managing communication and relationship issues surrounding the executive manager or management team. Often these duties are enough to keep an executive assistant busy.

Remember to tailor the job description to suit the individual needs of your organization. You can review salaries in your area to determine an appropriate salary for your position. Factors that should be considered include the size of your company, the number of years’ experience required, educational history, and the number of individuals an individual may support.

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