FedEx Package Handler – Job Description & Salary

FedEx package handlers perform various tasks in a warehouse setting. The main duties of the package handlers include ensuring successful delivery and transfer of goods to its intended destination. Package handlers perform physical labor and must be fit enough to lift packages that might weigh between 50 and 100 pounds. This is an entry-level position. Candidates may begin by working part-time during evening or day hours. Promotions usually involve getting more work done, working more daytime shifts and gaining more hours.

FedEx Package Handler

FedEx- Job Description

  • Responsible for physically loading and unloading packages by hand, including placing, pushing, lifting, carrying and pulling the item in an efficient and safe manner.
  • Package handlers may be rotated through various positions such as a Quality Assurance, Unloader, Loader, Facer, Scan Weight and Key etc.
  • Using safe package moving and handling techniques to help employees and minimize the risk of injuries.
  • Communicating with fellow employees and supervisors. A FedEx package handler must have strong interpersonal skills.

Job Duties

  • Sorting packages and placing them on sorting machines that transfers the goods to loading docks.
  • Ensuring the safe and successful transfer of goods and packages to their intended destination.
  • Handling goods and documents in a busy warehouse setting.
  • Loading/unloading packages and parcels on and off under the instructions received by supervisors.
  • Communicate efficiently with fellow workers, supervisors and other members of the team.
  • Well versed with automated and manual packaging machines.
  • Moving and storing materials and products.
  • Assisting with the unloading trucks and displaying teamwork with other employees.
  • Managing inventory control procedures and cycle counting to ensure the safe handling of parcels and packages.
  • Loading heavy packages on to the conveyor belt or on delivery trucks.
  • May also be required to pick up and deliver packages in a timely manner to the intended destination.

Job Requirements

  • Must pass a physical evaluation prior to employment to ensure the candidate is physically fit.
  • Must pass drug screening and background checks for employment as FedEx package handlers.
  • Applicants will undergo testing to ensure they have the potential to abide by the workplace safety regulations.
  • Must be at least 16 years old to meet the minimum age requirement to gain hiring.
  • Must be in good physical shape and must possess the strength and ability to lift up to 75 lbs.
  • Must be punctual and capable of working under the employer’s instructions as to how the packages must be moved.
  • Must possess patience and good communication skills to work in a noisy environment.
  • Must possess the capabilities to handle the stress of working during busy times of the year when it is crucial to meet delivery deadlines.
  • Must know how to operate heavy machinery used to transfer packages from one place to another such as trucks, hydraulic conveyor belts, forklifts.
  • Possessing comprehensive knowledge and understanding of how to deliver and sort packages and parcels according to the supervisor’s instructions.
  • Since packing handling involves physical agility, the candidate must be dexterous and must know how to work with a variety of tools and material to ensure the packages have been sealed properly and padded properly for safety concerns.
  • Candidates must possess good hand-eye coordination to be able to pick out packages according to the orders given to them.
  • While FedEx package handlers need not possess formal educational credentials, they must at be a high school graduate.
  • Should require less or no supervision.
  • Should have a strong ability to establish routine and receive directions.
  • A year or more worth of experience in package handling.
  • Should be able to work independently and demonstrate proper judgment.
  • Relocating merchandise to the right bin for storage or storing and assisting with putting up good in different departments.
  • Should be able to operate an Air Trailer digital package tracking system.
  • Coordinating with regional, local and national shipments of customer documents and packages.
  • Being quick in identifying any hazardous material that is being shipped.
  • Must maintain a professional appearance at most times.

Fedex Package Handler Salary

A FedEx package handler typically begins by earning roughly $9.00 an hour, depending on his/her precious experience. With hard work, experience and dedication, their pay may rise to $13.00 an hour. FedEx package handler position offers both full-time and part-time jobs. Candidates, especially working students, can benefit from the flexible work schedules. Employees can also take advantage of available career paths and gain access to comprehensive benefits packages.

FedEx package handlers often have access to retirement plants, pension plans and healthcare options.  Tenured and senior workers typically have access to additional job benefits. As the world of online shopping continues to thrive, companies such as FedEx are reaching the top and are increasingly benefiting from the high demands of air and ground shipping. In the US, a FedEx package handler can earn up to $12 per hour as base pay with additional earnings such as cash bonuses, profit sharing, stock bonuses, commission sharing and tips. However, it ranges from $9 to $16 an hour.

How to Get Started

FedEx is a US based multinational courier delivery service/ The company is widely down for its overnight shipping services and has revolutionized the world of courier delivery service by coming up with a system that can track packages and offer its customers real-time updates on their package’s location. This function is highly beneficial for tracking lost packages and has now been implemented by other carrier services across the world. Because of the company’s big name in the world of courier services, most people are eager to get a job as a package handler.

Most employees begin their career in FedEx as part-time package handlers. While the job does not require any sort of formal education, candidates must at least be high school graduates and know how to read and write. Here’s how you can start your career:

Gain Experience

To qualify for the position of a package handler at FedEx, candidates must have a year’s experience or more in package handling or in a related field. Gaining experience is vital if you want to secure a job hence keep your eyes open for vacancies.

Learn About Available Jobs

Once you have met all the job requirements and are eligible to apply, it is time you log in to FedEx’s website and keep an eye out for vacancies for package handlers. Package handlers’ shift are typically short and are perfect for college students or parents who are looking for ways to make a little extra money. Email your resume and wait for somebody from recruitment to get back to you.

Get into Shape

Being physically fit is a basic requirement for a package handling job as the job is physically demanding. Start working out to build your muscles and stamina. Initially, keep your workout sessions short and extend the time as you get used to it. It is integral you include weight lifting in your workout regimen. As a FedEx package handler, you will be required to lift heavy packages and transport them from one place to another.

Start by sticking to a short weight training routine and then work your way up to longer sessions that will help you achieve your goals. Additionally, before you get started, ensure you are aware of the proper techniques. Speak to your trainer or doctor regarding your weight training goals and they will help you come up with a safe routine.

Get Plenty of Rest

Lifting packages and weight training for a couple of hours every week is not easy hence ensure you get plenty of rest. This will help you perform well during the day.

Look at the Bigger Picture

With hard work and dedication, you can move up from position to position. Starting off as a package handler can be your gateway to the career you have always wanted. Package handlers can be promoted to drivers if they have their heads in the game. Focus on getting proper education and learn as much as you can from the job. Additionally, gain necessary certifications that will help you qualify for a promotion. If you are determined to work your way up, you can land an administrative or management position.

Learn about the Position

As a package handler, you will need to be able to quickly sort packages causing minimum damage. This takes practice and technique. Before you apply, it is imperative you read about the job online to ensure you can keep up with the stress. Package handlers are expected to work and communicate in noisy environments, making it difficult for people with sound sensitivity. It is thus necessary you learn more about the position before you apply.

The career path to becoming a successful FedEx package handler is not easy and not every person is cut out for the job since it is physically demanding. Weigh the pros and cons before you step into the career. College students and people looking for opportunities to earn some extra cash will highly benefit from this career choice.

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