Typical HR Interview Questions and Answers

Getting ready for an interview is not one of the easiest things to do, especially in the event that you are preparing for a HR Interview. The role that you are expected to play in the organization will determine the seriousness with which the interview will be conducted. There are positions whose interviews can be handled by junior members of the management team, while others can also be outsourced to HR firms. However, there are others that are treated with seriousness and will even be handled by the company Board or other high level persons in the organization. Whichever position you are aiming for, it is important that you make sure you are prepared to handle the interview well enough.

HR Interview Questions

Q. If selected, what strategy will you initiate over the next month or two?

A. When selected this period in the organization will be important to me in understanding the role assigned and the requirements so far with respect to the organization. From there I will look to work with the relevant managers, juniors and other team members to review what has already been done, and how much more is required to achieve the desired goals and objectives. It is from here that I will be able to determine what strategy is required, and to make sure it is well implemented.

Q. What improvements are you bringing to our company?

A. The fact that I am coming from a new environment will mean that I bring to the table a new perspective with respect to the company. From the company to the products, environment and customers, I bring with me a new perspective in how to deal with the challenges presented from time to time. As a result I will be able to work with the available personnel to handle tasks in a different way, while at the same time still making sure that goals and objectives are met.

Q. In your opinion, are you overqualified for this position?

A. In as much as I might have so many relevant qualifications for this position, I consider my work experience a learning process that never ends. With each day I learn more and those around me also learn with me. It is from the engagement and interaction with others that I am able to expand on the knowledge I already have, and from there work towards making this company a better place. Simply put, I do not think I am overqualified since the learning process never ends.

Q. What problems if any, have you ever had with a member of your peer?

A. A while back I was a bit too friendly with a colleague in a different department, and casually informed them of what our team was considering with respect to the development plans. Unknown to me, they discussed the same with their superior and this caused quite some friction between the two departments because of the difference in opinions expressed implicitly and explicitly.

From this I learnt why it is important to keep department decisions and plans within the department, and to keep peer relations strictly casual.

Q. From your resume a gap exists in your work history, can you account for it?

A. Indeed. I had worked for so many years without taking a break from work, and this took a toll on my relationship with my young family. I therefore decided to take a break from work in order to help my partner in bringing up our young family, and also to get some. Happily enough, I am back well rested and rejuvenated to work again.

Q. Tell us about your previous boss

A. I have always learnt so much from my previous bosses and superiors. Though different individuals of different perspectives, they all possessed a unique sense of direction and their line of thought gave me an insight into different means of dealing with management challenges.

Q. What did you not like about your previous (or current) job?

A. I am naturally an enthusiastic individual. I always seek challenges and rise to the occasion whenever the opportunity presents itself. However, over the past few months the enthusiasm started fading away as a result of diminishing number of challenges. In the long run I had to move on to seek further challenges to drive my ability to deliver for my employer.

Q. How have you ever responded to your decisions being challenged by your manager, supervisor or colleague?

A. This is a common occurrence especially for someone who seeks challenges like me. Such conflicts of interest only serve as a reminder that there are different ways of going about things, and what I usually do is to rethink the idea and consider which of the options the best is.

Q. How long do you think you will be able to work with us?

A. My desire is to work where there are new challenges from time to time, and the opportunity to grow in the company presents itself. If these are available, I do not think I will need to seek employment elsewhere. I am the kind of person who is interested in long lasting relationships, and sure hope this is the beginning of a fruitful and successful one.

Q. Do you think you can take a pay cut based on your current salary?

A. From my experience working in different departments and at different levels, I have come to realize the importance of self-actualization over salary requirements. My earnings will of course depend on the company and the company culture with respect to employee remuneration. Besides, I do believe that a company which expects the best from the employees will always make sure that their efforts are well remunerated with respect to the industry and market salary scale.

Q. What questions do you have for us?

A. I would love to know what kind of opportunities for career growth is available in the company. I am an ambitious person, and always look to rise to challenges whenever presented. It might also be necessary to know whether there is room for growth and development, the efforts the company puts to train and empower employees.

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