HR Manager Job Description Sample

HR Managers are responsible for planning, directing and coordinating the administrative functions of organizations. Among their key work duties including recruiting, interviewing and hiring new staff. HR managers are responsible for a wealth of other functions, however, including working with top organizational officers on strategic planning, communication with various levels of management in an organization and working with employees of the organization on strategy, organizational mission, and disciplinary issues.

When developing an HR Manager job description, it is essential that you include the HR Manager key work functions that you plan to incorporate within your organization. These job duties may vary slightly from organization to organization.

Other key elements of a job description may include salary, supervisory functions, and who the HR will report to.

Below you will find a sample job description for a typical Human Resources Manager. You can use this job description when creating your own.


Description: Human Resource Manager

Job Purpose: To maintain and enhance the human resource mission and objectives, through strategic planning, and evaluating employee relations, human resources policies, practices and procedures.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities

  • Create and monitor a human resources system that complies with top organizational objectives.
  • Create comprehensive human resources policies and procedures that comply with federal and state laws. Update as necessary.
  • Analyze wage and salary reports; create a comprehensive and competitive compensation program that is industry specific and aligns with organizational objectives.
  • Oversee the maintenance, communication and destruction of personnel records as required by law including local governing bodies.
  • Identify legal requirements and government reporting regulations that affect human resource function. Ensure organization is in compliance with legal requirements. Update policies and procedures, and education managers regarding compliance accordingly.
  • Schedule and conduct annual job evaluations. Recommend and plan pay structure revisions based on findings.
  • Plan, monitor and implement employee performance appraisal on set schedule. Train managers on appraisal system, and coach employees accordingly. Resolve grievances regarding employee appraisals; provide counseling to employees and supervisors as needed and appropriate.
  • Establish and maintain employee benefit programs. Inform employees of benefits. Analyze and assess trends in benefits and recommend adjustments in benefits as appropriate. Process claims and obtain new benefit contract bids as appropriate. Open enrollment.
  • Maintain employee wellness program; provide educational workshops and training for employees on safety and wellness. Attend continuing education regarding employee safety, wellness, diversity and appropriate programs as necessary.
  • Responsible for recruitment and retention of staff. Employee engagement. Orientation of new staff members, and training. Responsible for pre-screening, background investigation and credentialing of new staff members. Work with hiring managers to identify staffing needs, and identify hiring potentials based on budget.
  • Responsible for human resources budget, including establishing annual human resources budget and identifying budgetary needs and reporting to CEO, CFO as appropriate.
  • Employee relations, counseling and disciplining employees. Terminations, providing exit interviews.
  • Unemployment hearings.
  • Worker compensation and risk management.


  • B.S. in Management or related field.
  • 5+ years’ increasingly responsible role in human resources.
  • PHR certification
  • Master in HR or related field preferred
  • Strong working knowledge of MS Office including Word, Excel, Outlook.
  • 2+ year’s supervisory experience.



This job description is not all-inclusive. HR Manager job descriptions vary tremendously based in industry, the size of the organization a HR Manager will be working for along with many other factors. Some organizations promote only from within, while others hire HR Managers with very little experience. You will need to evaluate your own needs, and how much support will be available for a HR Manager.

Salary may depend on many factors including the level of experience a human resources manager has. A very small organization may have a HR Manager wearing many hats, including that of a payroll coordinator, office manager, and accounting agent. In this case, the salary may go up or down, depending on how many employee the HR manager will be overseeing, and whether or not the HR Manager will have supervisory responsibility.

Sometimes this is not the case.

If you have questions regarding your job description, you can always refer to outside agencies for information and assistance. There are many professional agencies, including the Society for Human Resource Management, which can prove valuable when developing job descriptions for your organization. Consider enlisting help if you find you have difficulty developing your first job description for your organization.


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