Important Career Goals Every Person Should Have

What are your career goals? Do you have strict goals that you are trying to achieve? What about short term goals that you are striving for? Most people have goals, however, most people don’t actively pursue them. It is because of this that you need to work towards every single goal that you have, no matter how difficult it may seem to achieve. Just know that every goal is achievable, but the road to each goal will differ.

So, what are some very important career goals that every person should have? Well, there are a bunch of different goals that you should have but I want to give you an idea of what some of the most popular ones are.

Something you will notice is that every career is different, so the goals associated with that career will be different as well. It is because of these goals and careers that I am going to talk about some general career goals.


Important Career Goals Every Person Should Have

1 Year Achievements – It is strongly recommended that you have 1 year career achievements written down. The reason you need these is because this is the first real time frame that you need to hit. Most people create goals for months out and even years, but what about in between? Do yourself a favor and make sure you know what your 1 year achievements will be so that you can move on from there.

5 Year Achievements – Being that you have a 1 year achievement already down, now you need the 5 year achievements down as well. The benefit of having goals this far out is that you don’t have to rush to get them done. Most people don’t understand just how tough it is to achieve certain things and because of that I highly recommend you take your time with these. Do yourself a favor and set the bar high for some of these achievements, that way you don’t hold anything back.

Financial Raise In A Certain Amount Of Time – What do you want to earn per hour in 6 months? What about in 1 year? Most people get paid per hour, and because of that it is important to write down what you want to be paid at certain points in time. The reason for doing this is so that you give yourself a reminder that it is probably time for a raise, barring your productivity for the company. Trust me, putting your income down on paper won’t do anything to your financial well-being if you have not been working towards it.

Further Education – What is your current education level like? Do you have years of college under your belt? I ask because some people need to further their education and if that is you, then you need to have your education down as one of your goals. A person’s education is sometimes all that gets them their job and that is just fine. But know that without a better education you might be getting passed over for somebody with a little more formal education than you do.

These are just some of the important career goals that you need to have, but just know that every person is different, so your goals will be different than that of another individual. What I highly recommend is that you write down all your specific goals and then when time comes, see if you have achieve them or not. Trust me, you will be pleasantly surprised with how far you have come in that period of time.

On top of the career goals that you set for yourself, you need to determine which ones are the most important. The way you determine this will be completely on you, but just know that it is important. While you think about some of the career goals that you have, I also want to give you some tips on compiling your goals. This is not meant to be difficult, but it might take you some time to complete.

Tips On Creating Career Goals

Think Short Term And Long Term – Goals are meant to be broken up into two different categories, short term goals and long term goals. Both of these need to be figured and you need to keep them separate. The best part about short term goals is that they all lead up to a long term goal. This is also one of the reasons why you create short term goals, because one long term goal will seem almost impossible to achieve without stepping stones.

Always Be Specific – It is imperative that you are as specific as possible when writing down your goals. The reason why you need to be very specific is because you need a way to tell how far away from your goals you are. For example, if your career goal is to make $30 an hour at work, then you will have a way to judge just how close you are to your goal. Another example is somebody that makes a goal of selling 100 cars in a year. If that is your goal then every sale you make puts you one car closer to reaching your goal. Remember, all goals are different, but being specific with each one will give you the information needed to see your progress.

Use Dates – Dates are vital to any career goals. The most important thing about using dates is that it gives you a timeline. If you don’t have a date to go by then you won’t feel any pressure on achieving your goals. Just do yourself a favor and make sure all the goals you set have some kind of date attached to them.

Keep Your Goals Visible – Having your goals displayed so that you can see them daily is a must. The benefit of having your goals visible is that you won’t forget them and you are bound to motivate yourself. Where most people make the mistake is they don’t even write their career goals down. Trust me, having a place where you can always see your goals is very important. What I strongly recommend is that you print off your career goals and place one copy at your work and the other copy around your house some place. The reason for doing this is so that you can see your goals both at work and at home.

Have Somebody Hold You Accountable – Do you have a good friend or family member that wants to see you succeed? If so, then let them hold you accountable for everything that you do. The best part about enlisting the help of another person is that they will make sure you do everything that you can to get to where you want to be. Remember, rules are meant to be broken, goals are meant to be accomplished.

Creating career goals is something that almost everybody in the business world does, and it actually helps a great deal. Not only will goals help you measure your success, they will also determine how much you have grown over the years. It is because of this that creating career goals is just as important as the education that you got to get you to where you are now.

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