15 Jobs for 15 Year Olds to Explore

When you are 15 and looking for your first job it can be very intimidating.  It is hard to decide which jobs you should apply for.  What kinds of employers hire teenagers?  What kind of jobs are you suited for?

There are many options available to you.  It is just a matter of deciding what kind of job you want.  First, you should decide whether you want to work at a job where you come in, do your time, and get paid OR are you more interested in running your own business?  Both are viable options, so this article will give you some choices for both.


Being an Employee

Here are 7 jobs that you can work at when you are 15 years old:

  1. Restaurants: As a 15 year old you could be hired for several positions in a restaurant.  Dishwasher is a popular job.  You may also be hired to be a host/hostess or prep cook.  This is a good job to get started in if you’re interested in working in the hospitality industry.
  2. Retail: In retail stores, 15 years olds may find positions as stock boy/girl or baggers.  You would be responsible for pricing items and putting them on the shelves.  You might also re-organize shelves or set up displays. Baggers generally help by putting customers’ purchased items in bags and may help them out to their car.
  3. Parks and Recreation: In the summer parks get busy and they need more employees to do things like picking up garbage, mowing grass, tending to gardens and other outdoor tasks. This is a great job for any teenager that loves to be outdoors.
  4. Camp Counsellor: If you’ve spent your summers at camp and are 15 years or older you may be qualified to work as a counsellor.  Counsellors’ help campers get to activities, supervise them in the evening, and they may even help to organize activities.
  5. Hotels: A 15 year old might find a job in the housekeeping department of a hotel or in ground maintenance.  Hotels with large outdoor facilities might hire more in the summer to have people to mow lawns or tend to garden spaces.
  6. Golf Clubs: Caddies are needed in the summer to help golfers carry their clubs around.  Additional staff is also needed for maintenance of the grounds.
  7. Movie theatres: 15 year olds can find work at movie theatres as ticket takers or helping out in the concession stand.  They may also find employment in the cleaning department.


What if you would rather set your own hours?  What if you’d like to get some experience running a business?  If this sounds like you there are several jobs that 15 year olds can do:

  1. Babysitting: This is an old standby.  It is most popular for girls but boys can be very good babysitters, too.  Taking a babysitters’ course is a good idea and will help you get more jobs.  Don’t like kids that much? Why not start a babysitter’s club?  Be the manager who finds the jobs and then assigns them to other teenagers.  Take a commission of the earnings for your finder’s fee.
  2. Pet care: Do you love animals?  You could start a dog walking business, pet grooming, or even pet sitting for people who are going on holidays and need someone to stop in to feed and care for their pet while they are away.
  3. Yard care: If you have a lawn mower you can easily find people who will pay to have you mow their lawn in the summer.  Do a good job and people will have you come back on a regular basis.  Alternatively, in the winter people need to have the driveways shoveled.
  4. Gardening:  For those who love to be outdoors, there’s nothing quite as enjoyable as getting into the dirt to dig up the weeds, harvesting the vegetables, and bringing them to the appreciative owner.  You might even get some fresh veggies to take home as a tip!
  5. Tutoring:  If you’ve done well in school, you can make extra money during the summer or even during the school year by tutoring your peers.  Work from your home, their home, or the library.
  6. Computer assistance:  Are you a computer geek and always know how to fix a problem?  There are many people who appreciate someone that they can call for phone assistance or to come over and help trouble shoot their computer problems.  You might even get some work teaching computer basics to new users.
  7. House sitting: If you are a responsible teenager, you might find jobs checking on people’s houses while they are on vacation.  You don’t necessarily have to stay overnight at others’ homes but having someone stop by in the evening to take in the mail, turn on the lights, and make the home look lived in can deter robberies.  This might be combined with a pet sitting job.
  8. Courier: Do you have a bike?  If you do you could offer courier services for small businesses. This job is usually easier to find clients with when you live in a smaller town or area that does not have big courier companies.

Just because you are a teenager, it does not mean that you will have a hard time finding a job or making money. It is quite the opposite in fact.  Many employers like to train staff while they are young.  Sometimes younger people are even more qualified for a job than adults.

Getting a job when you are 15 years old gives you the opportunity to explore careers.  You can try on different jobs and see if it is the kind of job that you would like to do more of.  If you like the job, you can go to college after high school and get training to work in the industry of your choice.  Starting to work when you are 15 also gives you the chance to learn how to manage money and save up for things that you want.

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