Kroger Job Application Form: Interview Tips & Salary Details

Founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio, The Kroger Company is now America’s largest supermarket chain in terms of revenue, second-largest general retailer and the country’s twenty-third largest company. At present, the company has 2,778 store locations and sweeping revenue of $108.5 billion (fiscal year 2014).

With a noble motto of ‘’be particular. Never sell anything you would not want yourself”, the company has now become widespread with thousands of store formats, including convenience, jewelry, discount, multi-department and grocery stores. The business is a firm believer in consistent method of operation and works towards building strong internal and external ties with employees and customers respectively.

Kroger job description

Kroger Working Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 7 am – 7 pm

Hours do vary depending on the location.

Current Employees:


Types of Jobs Offered:

Part-time, Full-time, Contract, Internship, and Temporary

Minimum Age Requirement for Employment Eligibility:

14 years.

Job Openings at Kroger

Being one of the world’s largest retail companies, Kroger stands out among its customers not only for providing a better atmosphere to shop and work but also for making efforts for making the world a better place. If you are looking to kick start or develop your career in Kroger, seizing the job opportunity will not only bring you the basic monetary advantage but also other comprehensive benefits, room for growth and promotion, and flexible schedules.

With new stores and continuously increasing turnover, Kroger offers countless career options to individuals with the relevant education and previous experience. Entry-level workers with little or no education and/or experience also welcomed and can work their way to managerial positions over time.

The store’s openings positions include: Cashier, Meat Clerk, Certified Pharmacy Technician, Bakery/Deli Clerk, Bagger, Customer Service Representative, Floor Supervisor, Front/End Supervisor, Fuel Clerk, Dairy Clerk, Sales Associate, Night Stocker, GM/Drug Clerk, and Courtesy Bagger/Clerk.

What Type Of Employees Does Kroger Look For?

Kroger accepts both full and part-time job seeking individuals who have excellent communication skills, the will and ability to reach targeted goals and the preparedness to work and contribute in a team environment.

Kroger Positions and Salary Details

Following are some of the positions you will find at Kroger with their duties and expected salary:


Kroger is in a continuous search for employees who can work in various departments in order to better serve the customers. Also referred to as sales associates, these workers can be assigned to deli, bakery, diary, produce or grocery departments to assist patrons in finding their desired items and answering any questions or concerns at hand. Clerks can earn up to $9 per hour.

Grocery Clerk

Being one of the leading grocery stores, Kroger offers a broad range of departments to customers. For proper maintenance and support of each department, the business hires clerks to perform a variety of tasks. Basic duties for Kroger grocery clerks range from shelf organization to providing customer service and cleaning floors. In special instances, grocery clerks may even be asked to act as cashiers. The pay rates start from $8 and may go up to $12 with added experience. Earnings may also increase through career development opportunities into managerial positions.

While the majority of Kroger employees choose to work part-time, full time clerks also do exist. In general, an average work week consists of three to four shifts of six hours each. Full time employees may work five shifts of eight hours per week, or a total of 40 hours. Some workers usually work nights and on weekends besides completing the usual daytime shift. Employee benefits offered to grocery clerks may include medical coverage, store discounts, job benefits, paid time off. Eligibility requirements differ from location to location.

Pharmacy Technician

Unlike other Kroger workers, pharmacy technicians work in a single section of the store. As the name suggests, pharmacy techs help pharmacists and customers, taking prescriptions from customers, filling prescriptions for pharmacists and ringing up purchases. Succeeding at Kroger as a pharmacy technician calls for the need to face different types of customers. Some employees may receive some type of medical assistance like Medicaid. Therefore, techs should have some expertise in medical assistance programs.

Usually, Kroger pharmacy offers in-store training sessions to job candidates, covering certain routines throughout the pharmacy. Pharmacy technicians can earn from $10 to $14 per hour. Pay rates greatly depend on employment status and the level of industry experience. Besides the basic pay, Kroger also offers its employees certain job perks.

Parameters for qualifying for benefits include job title, employment status, and the time spent with the company. Benefits include flexible scheduling, dental, vision and health coverage, 401(k) retirement plan, employee prescriptions and discounts on grocery items.

Kroger Manager

Management positions at Kroger include assistant manager, floor supervisor and store managerial positions. Key responsibilities of Kroger managers involve delegating work to subordinates and supervising new, inexperienced workers. They also play a major role in administration, customer service, and disciplinary action. Certain job duties consist of recruiting and training new workers, setting schedules, resolving workplace grievances, ensuring customer satisfaction and completing payroll.

Training differs from one role to another but typically includes visual and verbal orientation and practical demonstration. In general, a full-time Kroger manager works 35 to 40 hours in a week with pay rates starting from $10 per hour. Assistant managers start with $17 an hour, or an annual salary of around $33,000. With added experience and company service, salary generally increases. Other employee benefits awarded to qualified workers include insurance, healthcare coverage, retirement plans and other comprehensive job perks.


Baggers are courtesy clerks who bag customers’ groceries and carry them to their vehicles. Primarily, baggers pack customers’ products into bags, but may also be responsible for returning unwanted goods back to the store racks, retrieving carts, cleaning, unloading deliveries, stocking shelves during low activity and directing customers to their desired locations. Employees should be quick, positive, reliable, friendly, ethical and able to execute basic physical labor. They must also stick to the rules and code of conduct established by the company.

Courtesy clerks/baggers can earn up to $8 to $10 per hour. However, with added experience, the probability of a pay raise is quite high. A qualified Kroger bagger may receive medical coverage, paid life-insurance, paid time off and 401(k) retirement plans along with other employee perks.


Cashiers should be able to undertake tasks, such as taking payments, running computerized cash registers, and solving any customer queries. Their duties include meeting and greeting customers, ringing up purchases, handling returns and coordinating with team members in order to maintain a clean working environment. The job involves standing in one place for long hours and interacting with customers.

Cashiers at Kroger work varied shifts, and usually involve 20 to 30 hours of work in a week. The business may ask its employee cashiers to work weekends and nights, depending on the location, experience and time of the year. They typically earn about $8 an hour. However, with additional experience, the rate can go up to $12 per hour. Other employee benefits may include discounts on services and products, paid time off, healthcare coverage, and 401(k) retirement plans.


Management roles range from floor supervisors to store managers. Management positions at Kroger assign works to delegates and supervise inexperienced workers. Particular job tasks include recruiting and training new workers, setting work schedules, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Floor supervisors can make about $9 to $10 an hour while assistant managers begin with around $17 an hour. Store managers make an approximate of $60,000 per annum.

Other positions and their salaries include:

  • Deli Clerk: $8.50 per Hour
  • Grocery Clerk: $9.50 per Hour
  • Produce Clerk: $9 per Hour

Employee Benefits at Kroger

For the purpose of making the business successful, the company values its employees highly. Continuous investment in its human capital to make the members feel more valued is one of the most remarkable features of Kroger, which in turn not only helps the employees themselves but also the business. When employed at Kroger, you will receive a Total Rewards Package which offers both financial and non-financial benefits. In addition, you also get access to programs which help stimulate your mental and physical well being.

  1. Health: Kroger offers its employees a number of healthcare options to help them towards a better life. These include healthcare plans, i.e. two dental plans, three deductible medical plans, and one vision plan, Healthcare Flexible Spending Account and plenty of other resources for wellness.
  2. Money: To help their employees build a better life through savings, Kroger provides them with a range of insurances and plans including the Kroger Stock Exchange, Personal Accident and Life Insurance, 401(k) Retirement Savings Account, Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account, and Short and long-term Disability Spending Account.
  3. Life/Work Balance: Kroger believes in a balanced life. To enable their workers to maintain that balance, the company offers programs and insurances which consist of Group Legal Insurance, Associate Discount Program, Employee Assistance Program and Home insurance/Group Auto Program.

Other advantages include adoption benefits and tuition fess assistance. Qualifying workers can also receive paid time off, paid vacation, and sick leaves.

Why Work At Kroger

The environment at Kroger is busy and dynamic with several opportunities for learning and socializing. Furthermore, the pay is great coupled with other benefits like bonuses and 401 retirement plans. Also, the business offers diversity, one of their core strengths. The business makes sure the Kroger family is committed to making anyone, be it a new employee or a customer, feel at home, respected and valued.

Kroger’s community is dedicated to representing diversity in every aspect of the business. The business also has hundreds of its associates serving in the army and the business is connected with the veteran’s affinity group to help spread education, networking and mentoring opportunities.

How to Apply At Kroger

Step 1: Look for Open Positions

After entering Kroger’s career portal, or, type in the kind of job you are looking for. Next, type the zip code, enter the distance from your residence, and click to begin the search. For checking out some popular positions, you can scroll your way down to the featured job opportunities section.

Step 2: Select a Job

For instance, you can go with hourly jobs. When the search engine displays all the hourly jobs, choose a position best suited to you with an acceptable location to continue. In case of any ambiguity, read the short introduction about jobs on the Kroger’s front Job Page.

Step 3: Apply

Before applying for the desired job, it is important to first find out all the details about it. This includes the job description, salary and other requirements put forward by the business. Once you are satisfied with all the specifications, click the “Apply Now” button. You will also need to enter your email address for feedback from the company.

Step 4: Create Your User Profile

After completing the above step, you will have to fill all the required information on the profile creation page to create your user profile. These profiles help employers see your job profile when they look for candidates.

Step 5: Continue With Your Application

The next step is to click the “Apply” button to continue with the application process for the job.

Step 6: Create an Account

This is a registration request where you have to create a user account on Kroger’s website without which you cannot proceed with the application process. Once you are done, you can go ahead and finish the registration procedure.

Step 7: Application Form

This is the last step where you will be directed to a combined application form from which you may upload resume, cover letters and attachments. Once you have added your personal details and achievements, your online application process at Kroger’s website will be complete.

You can either apply online through Kroger’s website or in person.

Application Status

By logging in on the business’s website and selecting the job management tab, applicants can check up on the status of their applications. On average, candidates should expect the waiting period to be one to two weeks. Managerial roles at Kroger generally call for initial interviews before deciding to hire the employee.

Kroger Interview

Their Kroger grocery stores carry out interview procedures on a regular basis, both for full-time and part-time jobs alike. However, the formats of interview may vary accordingly. Inexperienced candidates go through an orientation session that consists of team exercises, personal discussions, and other various methods deemed necessary.

Kroger Interview Tips

The business stands on beliefs of building brand loyalty and strong local bonds with customers, and these beliefs are what keep the Kroger stores connected. The company encourages people with high moral values, like integrity, honesty, diversity, respect, inclusion and safety. Furthermore, individuals who strive for a challenge, work harder than others and aspire for the greater good are those that Kroger greatly value. These qualities are what should be an individual’s focus when called up for the job interview.

Since customer satisfaction is the business’s secret to success, it is crucial its employees, both current and potential, understand the need to have good communication skills, a friendly and positive attitude, and a desire to really serve the customers instead of just getting the job’s burden to the head. Verbal and written skills, the ability to answer quickly and efficiently keeping updated of the surroundings are qualities that really matter and may be tested in an interview. So, be prepared.

Questions You Can Expect During the Interview

Following are just some of the innumerable questions that you should give a thought to before the big interview.

  • What type of experience in groceries do you have?
  • How can you serve Kroger? What can you do for the business?
  • Have you dealt with an unexpected problem, and what was the result?
  • What type of boss/management style would you prefer working for and why?
  • Tell a little about yourself.
  • What are your biggest strengths and/or weaknesses?
  • Where do you see yourself in two years?
  • Why should we hire you?

Stand Out in the Crowd

With thousands of candidates out there competing for the same job as you, the need to stand out in the crowd may become a deciding factor for getting the job. Candidates with interesting and lively personalities, excellent conversational skills and external strategies will help set them apart from others. Paying close attention to appearance will greatly help establish professionalism.

Tips for Practice

Good nonverbal communication skills further add the business’s confidence and include keeping a good posture, maintaining an eye contact, and avoiding unnecessary movements, like fidgeting and scratching. Clear and precise communication should be maintained throughout the interview. Go ahead and schedule flexibility and express your customer service capabilities.

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