Simple Tips for Preparing a Letter of Introduction

Most of the employers prefer hiring through networking hence people looking for a job have usually use networking to apply for a job. However, it not always as easy as it sounds. It is not necessary that the person applying for the job and the employer have a direct connection or already know each other. Most of the time you might have to introduce your friends or family to some employer you know to help them find a job. In case you are looking for a job and your friend recommends you someone they know, you will have to introduce yourself.

Some employers like to receive introduction letters, as it not only allows the applicants to introduce themselves but also allow them to be very brief about why they are fit for the job. This has, in many cases, helped employers determine the applicant’s set of skills, background is ideal, and whose communication skills are best suited for the job or for which available job is best suited for the applicant.

This clears the fact that you will be required to divide your introduction letter in such a way that all your professional qualifications and experience, skills and references are clearly communicated. A letter of introduction can be something very useful when searching for a job as using the network can get you the best references, job search advice or even job opportunities.

There are two types of letters of introduction. While one is used when you have to introduce someone to some employer you already have connection with to assist them with a job search, the other one is used when you are looking for a job and have to introduce yourself to someone you do not know and ask them to offer you a job or help in finding one.

Letter of Introduction

Writing Tips

You have to make sure you keep the letter of introduction short and to the point, as you would need to gain their attention and confidence. Introduce yourself if you do not know the person. If you are connecting two people, introduce the applicant to the other person.

Once you are done with the introduction, explain the reason why you have contacted the person. Tell the person what exactly you want to achieve from this letter – a job for yourself or a job search advice for the person you are introducing. No matter what is the purpose of the letter, make it as clear as possible. You do not want the reader to get confused.

End the letter with contact details so the recipient of the letter can get back to you or can contact the person you introduced. To make it easier and convenient for the recipient, make sure you give mobile number and e-mail address.

Whenever you write an introduction letter, you have to keep the tone extremely professional especially if you are introducing yourself. However, if you know the person and you are friends with them, you can always be a little less formal and friendlier.

Once you are done, be sure to recheck the letter and edit it if required before sending it. Using e-mail to send the letter is one of the easiest way and fastest way to send your letter so it is highly recommended too.

Introducing Someone – Sample Introduction Letter

Dear John,

I am writing this letter to introduce Sarah Dylan to you,

Sarah and I work at the same place, The California Theatre, where as you know I am the manager. I know Sarah since a couple of years now as she has been working in the theatre as a junior director and actor since the beginning. Her on-stage and back-stage experience is remarkable.

Sarah, due to some personal reasons, has decided to shift to San Francisco and needs to find a theatre related job there. Since you run your own drama company, I thought it might be best to contact you and ask you to help her. Also, look for a cheap yet decent studio apartment for Sarah.

Her CV is attached so you can look at her skills, achievements and experience. You can contact her at or 123-123-1234. I would like to thank you on her behalf too in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Rakesh Mithhal

Introducing Yourself – Sample Introduction Letter

Dear Mr. John,

My name is Rakesh Mithhal, and currently I am working as a support manager at TRP Solutions. I joined the company two years ago as a trainee.

I, now, want to switch to larger company and expand my career therefore, I need your advice and help to get better job, related to IT only. I would love to use my polished computer skills in a larger firm. Since you run your own IT company and software house, I would love to learn from you and improve my skills. I would be so grateful to you if you can take spare some time from busy schedule to meet me for an informational interview.

You will find my CV attached to this letter so you can look at my educational qualifications and other things. You can contact me at or 321-321-4321. I will wait for your response. Thank you.

With best regards,

Rakesh Mithhal.

You will have to ensure you

  1. Check if the company you are applying for is a public limited one. If that is the case, you can easily get the financial reports of the company. Gather as much information about the company as you can. Once you have done your research, write to the company’s hiring team or the concerned person and take advantage of the information you gathered to impress them hence giving you a higher priority than other applicants. Tell them how you can help the company achieve its objectives and goals.
  2. Write to the concerned person. This means that you do not have to write ‘’to whoever it may concern’’ or something like that. Instead, use the person’s name. Look for the company’s job openings and apply at the right time.
  3. Write about your professional experience, starting from the last job to the first one. Compare the skills and education required for a certain job if you are applying for it. If you do not wish to attach your resume with the letter, make sure your letter fills in the need for one by giving description about your qualifications, experience, profile and education.
  4. Ask them to set up an appointment so you can personally meet them for an interview. Also, make sure you tell them about your current situation – employed or unemployed, willing to relocate or not etc.
  5. Show them your confidence and give them strong and legit reason to consider you the most suitable person for the job or the one their company needs. Elaborate on your skills and qualifications. Discuss the company’s current situation tell them how you can make it better. Highlight those points, which are considered very important such as achievements in the past jobs etc. Also, tell if you have any additional skills like knowing any foreign language.
  6. Close your introduction letter by mentioning about how much ready you are for the job and why should you be considered. Show your interest and passion towards the career. In the end give your contact number and e-mail address so you can be easily contacted.

Every time you write an introduction letter, do not confuse it with a resume or any other kind of job search letters. An introduction letter however can be used as a referral letter when you have to introduce two people to each other. You can also put in a good for the applicant or the candidate, give their contact number, and e-mail address too.

On the other hand a cover letter is a document is complete file of documents, which include your CV, job related materials, certificates etc. So make sure you never confuse your introduction letter with a cover letter or do not send the introduction letter with it.

Your goal is to make your impression a strong and impressive one when you send an introduction letter. Begin with your name, and write about your passion towards the career. Write in very clear words what exactly you expect from them. Briefly describe your professional experiences keep the experience certificates ready in case they might want to see them. Doing good research about the company would benefit you in many ways such as you would know about the company’s objectives and future goals.

You can also get an idea of the working environment if you read the remarks and comments on the company on the internet. Tell them about your qualities and skills. Do not write to the company, but to a concerned person in the company and do not forget to tell the reader how you have to know his or her name and company’s details. Explaining why you have chosen their company and not any other.

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