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The staff and administration of this website work to ensure the security and privacy of any personal information that may be gathered via electronic data collection tools during the usage of We are committed to maintaining website security and offer this Privacy Policy with full disclosure of any and all electronic information gathering methods and transparency concerning possible uses for such data. Our website is protected and secured so that visitors to can explore this website at their leisure without concern for any personal information that is transmitted when browsing.

We ask our website visitors to review this Privacy Policy in order to understand your rights as a consumer and the privacy and protection of your personal data. This document defines the means of data collection and explains your options regarding such information gathering tools.

About Uvisor

This website has been designed and developed by a creative and knowledgeable team of researchers, journalists, photographers and web designers that work to provide our readers with informative articles on subjects of interest to job seekers and career planners. Uvisor provides original, unique articles regarding various occupations, job market trends and growth, salary expectations, educational requirements, employment protocol and other beneficial topics concerning employment.

In order to continuously improve this website and provide said information for our users, certain information is collected and analyzed.

Information Used to Enhance Website Performance

Traffic Statistics

Website administrators need statistical data regarding visitors to the website, and commonly utilize the information found on web server logs to compile reports that are used in developing and improving the website. Web server logs record the time and duration of each visit to the website, letting administrators know if their efforts are meeting with success.

Financial Transaction Data

This website does not store any credit card information that may be utilized in the course of making a purchase, and financial data must be entered each time any purchase is made. Any personal information that may be obtained during a financial transaction is only provided to direct parties of the transaction and is never revealed to any third party.

Survey Information

Voluntarily participating in surveys provides valuable data and allows the participants to actively influence changes in policy and the development of the website. Any information provided via a voluntary survey helps the website administrators improve the quality of services and aids in the decision making process. Survey responses are utilized strictly to evaluate the performance of the website and any personal data remains confidential.

Information Included in Email Messages

All emails transmitted to website administrators are strictly confidential and personal information contained therein is solely utilized for responding to email messages.

Statistical Data Collection

Information gathering tools such as Google Analytics are used to collect specific types of data anonymously and such data is used in the analysis and creation of reports concerning trends. General data may be provided to third parties, however, personal information is kept confidential.

Privacy Policy Exceptions

Personal information will never be shared in any method not already disclosed without providing the consumer the opportunity to opt out of information sharing. Although such non-disclosure rules are strictly enforced, there are certain legal exceptions to the rules preventing the sharing of personal information. Exceptions to Privacy Policy regulations in which data may be disclosed are as follows:

  • Information necessary to support the security of this website.
  • Data required in order to identify and prosecute violators of the Terms of Access.
  • Any information requests made under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

Temporary Data Files

Temporary data files commonly called “Cookies” save information on the hard drive of your computer while you navigate the pages of a website. This allows your computer to store short term information like shopping cart purchases in a cookie file that stays open and active until the browser is closed. Long term information including log-in data is set up on a file established when an account is activated.

Cookies, temporary data files, are not a requirement for using this website and can be declined by the users at any time. Your computer settings can be adjusted to deny cookies, and log-in information for website accounts can be entered at each entry instead of saved by choosing not to accept the “Remember” option when establishing the accounts.

Choosing to “Opt Out” of Online Behavioral Advertising

Cookies can be used to provide statistical information that is then utilized to create customized online advertising, and additional information regarding Online Behavioral Advertising is located at . Computer users who browse via Google can decline temporary data files and customized advertising by visiting the Google Ads Preferences Manager .

The administrators of reserve the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy.

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