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A project manager is in charge of projects. A project manager can be found in many different industries, including in management, business, accounting and most often construction.

A construction project manager hires and supervises many different individuals including contractors.

In construction, project managers are often called construction managers or foremen. Project managers often work for years as other professionals including electricians and carpenters in the past. Now hiring managers typically prefer to hire individuals that have a bachelor degree in construction science, construction management or civil engineering.

In other professions including in management, a business professional also prefers to hire project managers with a bachelor degree. Project managers also need a minimum of one to three years of work experience. This may be gained by managing jobs in the industry. Other key skills include:

  • Interpersonal and decision-making skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Good team building and leadership skills
  • Ability to multi-task

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that a project manager earns an average median salary of $83,860. Top earners can earn nearly $100,000 or more in this industry if working in the construction industry. Typical job duties for construction managers include:

  • Scheduling projects in ordered steps.
  • Budgeting time to meet project deadlines.
  • Hiring and supervising personnel for projects.
  • Resolving problems, designing work procedures.
  • Preparing work contracts.
  • Making additions to contracts and agreements, working with consultants, clients, vendors, suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Working on designs, technical writing or specifications.
  • Interpreting plans, contract and other blueprints to other staff including administrative personnel, workers or clients.

To earn a job as a project manager, you have to have a resume that is top-notch. Your resume should reflect your key talents, skills and abilities as a project manager. Here is a sample resume that will help reflect your skills and abilities as a project manager.

Resume Project Manager



City, State Zip

Email Address



Professional Project Manager with 7+ years’ project management experience in the public sector with emphasis on environmental projects and managing crews, construction and demolition projects.



  • Construction/Demolition
  • Environmental Projects
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Change Management
  • Budgeting & Cost Controls
  • Bidding Proposals
  • Crew Supervision




ABC Construction, LLC. (Denver, CO) – Construction Project Manager                         2-08 to Present

Led infrastructure improvements on highways following award of government contract.

Q Company, Inc. (Colorado Springs, CO) Site Supervisor, Project Manager  3/05 to 2/06

Helped supervise engineering and crew teams, road projects, restore compliance and adhere to safety regulations on new construction.

PC Construction Company (Manitou Springs, CO)                                3/04 to 3/05

Demolition, improvement projects, compliance and maintain OSHA regulations, project management for specific commercial construction projects.


University of Colorado    – BS in Civil Engineering 1998

OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response Certification



Below is Another Guide with Sample For You!!

Project Manager Resumeproject manager resume sample

Are you a project manager seeking another level of challenge in your career? Do you need to write a compelling resume? Your resume is the first thing an employer looks at, and it’s your best shot to stand apart from the crowd. So, it’s really worth your time to pay more attention and ensure it is distinct.

The tasks of project managers are now invaluable for companies in the information age. Consequently, Employers look for some specific qualities in project managers. Most companies seek Project Managers because they streamline production process, and thus save cost, increase ROI and enable companies plan better. You have to bear this fact in mind when writing your resume. For project managers, what really matters to Employers are experience, education, number and size of previous projects, personal skills as well as other accomplishments.

Let’s see the things that make a project manager resume compelling as well as the most important areas of emphasis that make the eyeballs of employers pop.

What Do Employers Look for in a Project Manager’s Resume?

In a project manager’s resume, employers usually look for specific information to help them decide the best hire. This information includes:

1. Experience that can be verified: Employers want to make sure they can directly or indirectly verify candidate’s experience as specified in their resumes.

Here are the things an employer would watch out for:

  • Number and size of the projects you have undertaken in the past: Employers want to know how many projects you have undertaken in the past as well as the size of the project in terms of scope, budget etc
  • Type and complexity of projects: As you know, project managers handle very wide range of tasks. Employers like to know if you have handled similar tasks to the projects in their organization. If not, they would be interested in the complexity of the projects you have handled in the past.
  • Budget, scope and timelines of projects: Employers are interested in how you managed the budgets for previous projects, whether you met deadlines or not and the scope of the project
  • Written Communication Skill: This is verified by the way your resume is structured and how your experience is explained in your resume. Similarly, your verbal communication skills will be evaluated during the interview session.
  • Education: Here, employers want to know whether you applied your skills to work and how you applied them.
  • Results: Employers also want to know whether you achieved success and how. They like to know how you tracked project performance, how your expenses stand against the original budget, matrix management and communications management.

Of course, you can’t spell out all your achievements in detail but the few ones you list should be directly related to the organization you are applying to. Secondly, ensure you specify the number of projects you have handled since you can’t list all of them.

2. Change of Jobs

Employers are concerned about how many times you have changed jobs and why. This is the only way they can safeguard their organization against job seekers that hop from one company to another.

3. Timing of Project Management-Related Credentials

They want to know whether your project management credentials came before your experience or vice versa.

How to Write a Project Manager Resume

Having said what employers actually look out for in your resume, let’s now discuss how to write a compelling Project Manager Resume for those who are just starting a career in project management and those who have lots of experience.

1. Resume Layout

This is the most important information in this section. Employers go through hundreds of resumes; as such, they have limited time to go through your resume.  So, ensure your resume is concise and clear. Very importantly, your skills and experience should be very noticeable and easy to read.

A project manager’s resume should not be unusually over-worded. Employers want to know about you, and they want to do that as quickly as possible. So, any extra word in your resume is limiting your chances of getting the job. Bear in mind that it is more professional to write in the 3rd party. It also helps make your resume more concise. So, your experience should read ‘Pioneered revenue management web-based software for banks’ instead of ‘I pioneered …’ or ‘Smith pioneered …’

2. Resume Length

It is important to bear this in mind before you start writing your resume.

3. Contact Details

Having correct contact details is definitely an obvious need in a resume. So, ensure your contact information is updated. Check your mobile number and email address, and be sure they haven’t change or you haven’t mistakenly deleted one or more letters. Make sure you use a number that can be easily reached. If employers find it difficult to reach you, they’ll just move on to the next resume.

3. Personal Profile

This should be a summary of your past, present and future. Make sure this is really enticing, making employers want to learn more about you. Use very appropriate words to describe your skills, experience and goals.

4. Education / Career

This is what separates the resume of a young graduate from an experienced project manager. A young graduate needs to list his or her educational details immediately after the personal profile to make the resume enticing. Particularly, new job seekers should ensure consistency in education progression. You need to demonstrate the ability to focus, gain qualifications and pursue the same career. Now, your career history should come after your education.

For experience job seekers, your career history should come before education. Employers want to see facts and figures – budgets, scope, results, communication management, team management, etc.  Include words like ‘Saved over $300, 000 of management cost by … ‘ or ‘ … completed the entire project within budget, with minimal deviations and in time’. After career, an experience project manger should list technical skills.

6. Career History

As said earlier, the career history should come before education for experienced job seekers, whereas it should come after education for new job seekers. Here’s how your career should be highlighted.

Your career should be highlighted in reverse chronological order. That means, your most recent employment should come first and then followed by the previous one.  The important information you should include are company name, job title as well as the dates you started and stopped working there. Usually, the dates should include the months and years, but not necessarily the day. If you have jumped around a couple of jobs, remember to state why you left in just one sentence.

7. Technical Knowledge

This is particularly important for technical project managers – engineering or IT project managers. You don’t have to list every little thing you know. Instead, focus on the ones you’ll find easy to answer during an interview session.

8. Hobbies

There are many schools of thought about the role of hobbies in resumes. Basically, you want to appear like a disciplined person who can handle the role advertised.


Sample Resume

Below is a sample resume for an experienced Project Manager. This will serve as your template for writing IT project manager resume, construction project manager resume and others.


Jennifer White, PMP, MBA, B Sc Digital Marketing

25B, Madison Avenue ● Sydney Area, Australia ● 123.456.7890 n


Systems ENGINEER ● IT Services Deployment ● SOFTWARE Development


  • Close to 10 years of enterprise-related project management in customer service, marketing and operations for healthcare, management consulting and retailing environments across public and private enterprises.
  • Information analyst with track record of boosting revenue by over 20% following the introduction of new tactics to old systems.
  • Manage projects worth millions of dollars, taking outsourcing solutions across West Africa, East Africa and environs; completed the entire project within budget, in time and with minimal deviations from original plan.
  • Experienced in project management using expert online freelancers across the world to cut down operations cost by over 40% with smoother operations and greater success rate.

 Technical Knowledge


Project Management

Electronic Messaging

Email Encryption Solutions

Enterprise Messaging Solutions

Mobile Payments Implementation

Enterprise Email Messaging,Project Lifecycle

Budgeting and Cost Analysis

Capacity Planning

Project Scope Design

Change Management

Business ModelingAncillary Skills

Team Building and Management

Resource Staffing

Consultative Sales

Client Relationship Management

Contingency Planning

Professional Experience


DEVANUS INC. (Sydney Area, Australia)

May 2002 to present

Senior Project Manager, January 2006 to present

Oversee the development of interactive, multimedia, Internet-based customer enquiry desk for Airtel largest full service advertising and communication firm. Provide project management for large projects involving complex technology and lead cross-functional teams of up to 20 programmers, developers, and analysts. Budget = over $10M.

  • Drove up customer satisfaction score by 25% in just 8 months and turned; slashed turnaround time for customer service desk by as much as 5 days (from 2 weeks) by introducing sms-based customer service support system.
  • Elevated revenue by over one million dollars by using technology to identify the most loyal and highest paying customers and then providing specialized service to them
  • Built greater expertise and hence confidence in staffs by identifying in-house, experienced experts and organizing informal training sessions for new and upcoming staffs.

Project Manager, May 2002 to January 2006

Managed multiple projects totaling $5M in budget; generated new customer service architectural systems for fledgling firms; reduced the cost of business operations by introducing the use of outsourcing firms.

  • Successfully consolidated and streamlined business operations following the merger of Airtel and Vodafone. Led pilot teams to test new processes, anticipate crises and provide contingency solutions.
  • Increased revenue by over 25% using a cross-functional team of financial, technical and business experts who analyzed and discovered a leak in business operations while working on another project
  • Honored with ‘Best Innovator Award’ for introducing web-based project management tools for managing outsourcing firms and tracking project details.




MBA (GPA: 3.8), University of London, London, 2005

B Sc (GPA: 3.75), Hult University, London, 2001

PMI-Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), 2002


25B, Madison Avenue ● Sydney Area, Australia ● 123.456.7890 n


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