Easy Steps for Writing a Proof of Income Letter (Samples + Tips)

If you are looking for a new job, trying to get credit, or renting an apartment you may be asked to verify your income. Banks, potential landlords, mortgage lenders and government agencies typically ask for a proof of income letter before making any finance-based decisions. To acquire your income verification letter, you will need to request your employer or a Human Resource representative to write it on your behalf. However, if you are self-employed, you will need to write the letter yourself.

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A Letter Written on an Employee’s Behalf

A proof of income letter drafted on the behalf of an employee should be on the company’s letterhead with a notary public stamp or a company seal. The information that goes into this letter will include the person’s name, current job position, employment status- part time or full time, basic yearly salary and a statement telling whether the employee is a temporary or permanent one. The letter should be concluded with the title, date and signature of the representative issuing the letter.

Self-Written Letter

Besides a few changes, a self-written letter also has the same requirements as one written by the employer. When writing a letter for yourself, make sure you use letterhead and add a statement regarding your time in the business. A personal letter written with the purpose of verifying additional income should state your income sources and add any necessary verification documents like tax returns, a Social Security or bank statements. Depending on the requirements of the requestor, you may need to state how long you except the income continuation and get the letter notarized.

How to Write a Proof of Income Letter

Step #1 – List Your Contact Information.

Start from the top left of the page and cover information, such as the name, complete address, phone number and email address of the body responsible for preparing the proof of income letter. In this instance, if you are self-employed, indicate your business name and information.

Step #2 – Precisely State the Purpose of the Letter

This should come below the contact information and cover briefly the subject of the letter.

Step #3 – Start the Letter Politely With a Greeting by Addressing the Full and Correct Name of the Recipient

If you are not sure about the name of the official recipient, address the letter with “To Whom It May Concern.”  Make sure to use a formal yet polite tone instead of making it sound casual.

Step #4 – State Your Reasons for Submitting the Letter

Start with something like “I am Theodore Liu. The purpose of this proof of income letter is to back my apartment rental application, to validate my eligibility.” This summary is important, as it will give the reader a quick idea of what you are getting at instead of scouring through the entire letter to get to the point.

Step #5 – Give Details about Your Income

This is where you have to state your annual income, the period of time over which you have sustained your current income level, and whether or not you will be able to sustain your income in the future. Highlight if you expect an increase in your annual earnings and state the reason why. Do not provide an inaccurate figure as the recipient will most likely confirm that the information provided by you is accurate. Lying will only get you in trouble and jeopardize the entire process.

Step #6 – Indicate Any Additional Income You May Be Earning Besides Your Basic Job

This could include a number of items like pensions, annuities, gifts or government benefits. Be very clear about how much you make and how frequently you receive this kind of income. Again, be honest with your word as doing otherwise can cause a problem.

Step #7 – Conclude The Section By Briefly Stating Your Total Income And Explaining How It Will Increase Or Sustain In The Future.

Make sure you are stating the changes based on facts instead of just your hopes. Here is an example “At present, my annual income is approximately $50,000, with a yearly pension payment of $7400. Since I have been receiving an annual appraisal of 4% for the past 7 years, I expect the growth rate to sustain in the future. In addition to that, my pension payments are expected to continue for the next 12 years.

Step #8 – Add a Note Indicating the Additional Paperwork Attached With the Letter

Here you can merely request the reader to go through the attached documentation, which must complement the claims made in the letter.

Step #9 – Thank the Reader

Conclude the letter with a formal ending salutation, following it with your full name. Leave a couple of lines between the salutation and your name if you plan to print the letter. Once you are through with composing the proof of income letter, the next step is to get it notarized either by an official notary public, which you can find online or with the help of your local bank or any government institution.

To make your request stronger, enclose copies of income documentation, such as electronic payrolls, direct deposit records and even check stubs. You should also add copies of tax returns as an income validation. Lastly, don’t forget to add written proof of any other income you may have stated in the letter and this may include pensions, other part time job, retirement fund, or social security income.

Sample Proof of Income Letter from Employer

September 18, 2017

Harold Montgomery

SM Supply

120 Trade Drive

Plainsman, TN 499200


April Dickins

JYP Bank

101 Financial Lane

Missouri, TN 49925

Re: Proof of Income for Theodore Liu

Dear Ms. Dickins,

I am writing to you today in order to provide income confirmation for Theodore Liu concerning his current application for a house loan through JYP Bank. As Human Resources Manager for SM Supply, I can ratify that Mr. Liu’s present salary is $50,500 on an annual basis. He receives a yearly adjustment for cost of living of 4% along with an annual bonus of around $5,000, which he has been earning for the last 8 years at SM Supply. Mr. Liu is our trusted employee, and I see no reason why his annual income would not follow this same path in the near future.

Attached is a copy of Mr. Liu’s 2016 W-2 form as he received it from SM Supply. This certification will authorize the information given above. Please feel free to contact me at (600) 585-0197 or via email at hmont@smsupply.com so I can be of further assistance to you.


Harold Montgomery

Human Resources Manager

Attached: Theodore Liu 2016 W-2 Form


Sample Proof of Income Letter of self-employment

November 27, 2017

Robin Scherbatsky

Metro Inc.

Sunset Blvd.

Plainsman, TN 499200


Kristen Miller

JYP Bank

101 Financial Lane

Missouri, TN 49925

Re: Proof of Income of Self-Employment

Dear Mrs. Miller,

I am writing to you today with the intent of verifying my status as a self-employed web developer for mortgage application #894378365215273

Please find enclosed a Tax Letter confirming myself as self-employed, and a current invoice from a customer representing my field of work.

On December 28th, I will have worked as a web developer for 13 years, and my current average earnings add up to $450,000 per year, based on the last four years.

If you require additional information that could further validate my status and income, such as bank statements or tax statements, please feel free to contact me at my personal number (800) 577- 8574 or get in touch via my personal email at roscher@gmail.com or business email at query@metroinc.com


Robin Scherbatsky

Owner & Founder of Metro Inc.

Enclosed: Tax letter and Customer Invoice

Important Tips to Remember When Writing a Proof of Income Letter

Most lenders require the length of time a person has been employed in the business. This shows their stability and ability to retain a job, and will be a deciding factor h=of well this individual will perform in the future and whether they will be able to keep the cash flow running. It also shows whether the individual is committed or not. The ability to hold a job for a long period will indicate the overall ability to stay committed to repaying the loan.

Make it a point to answer any question the lender asks specifically. Besides the basic information, some lenders may want additional information like the dates of employment, additional incomes and the official job title they hold with the business. Failing to provide this information may hamper your entire application process.

Some companies also expect you to state a clear breakdown of your gross and net income, so both gross and net pays should be included. Other costs like health insurance, taxes and other routine charges may affect the takeaway pay amount. Thus, giving both figures will make sure they get all the necessary information to make a well-versed decision.

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