Working as a Store Manager: Job Description and Resume Sample

Almost 5 million Americans work in retail, earning around $10-$12 per hour. The work can be demanding, but it can also be highly satisfying – you get to help clients, provide them with invaluable advice on what to purchase, and work in a comfortable environment. Furthermore, retail sales workers don’t need formal education, although some employers prefer applicants with a high school diploma or equivalent.

When you seek a job as a store manager, however, things change. You will be in charge of the entire store and all the other employees. You need some experience to back you up and certain skills that recommend you for the job. Be that as it may, the pay is also better. You will earn around $20-$23 per hour, depending on years of service, responsibilities and training, among other factors.

store manager job description


As a store manager, you have to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that you meet any sales goals set by your supervisors. Additionally, you might need to promote the business and come up with different advertising strategies. You will also have to supervise your employees closely, discipline them, and let them go if they are unable to perform the job right. On the other hand, you will also recruit, hire and sometimes train new people.

Besides, store managers make sure the store is stocked – you will be expected to order new produce and regularly make an inventory of the goods. You will also create and maintain certain budgets, as well as coordinate and report to supervisors within the company.

Education requirements

This varies greatly depending on the area of work, but experience in the field is usually mandatory. If you want to shorten the time it takes to reach management level you can take some general management courses, available online or at community colleges. Nonetheless, most store managers have spent years as general employees in their respective fields before reaching a leadership level, proving they have the ability to run things very well on their own.

Skills needed

As with every job, you need a certain set of skills in order to perform your duties efficiently. We’ve listed the most important ones below:

  • Leadership skills: as you already know, you have to supervise employees. This means keeps them motivated, resolve conflicts when they arise, reward staff or discipline them accordingly. Consequently, if you want to be a good store manager, you need to work on your leadership skills.
  • Budgeting abilities: you will be expected to keep and maintain budgets in almost every field, so good math skills and budgeting abilities are a must. Don’t worry: you will surely have a lot of practice that will allow you to get better over time. However, you need to be able to keep track of where your company’s money is going and how much your store is bringing in.
  • Time management skills: you will have to be able to juggle several duties and manage your time extremely effectively. Keep in mind that you will work with employees, customers, and management, so it’s likely they will all want something from you during the day. You need to organize your time in order to ensure that everything gets done.
  • Analytical skills: you will have to figure out if a new employee will be a good fit for your team, so analytical skills will also come in handy. Furthermore, they will prove invaluable when having to come up with an advertising strategy – they will help you figure out if a certain campaign will be well-received by your target audience. Last, but not least, strong analytical skills allows you to solve any problems that come up during the work day.
  • Decision-making skills: Hiring and firing people, dealing with customers, reporting back to employees – each and every one of these task require you to make decisions that will affect the company. Being able to keep your head clear and think fast even when you are pressured is crucial if you want to be successful in your chosen field.
  • Good communicating skills: Great verbal and writing skills are required with the position, as store managers need to talk to staff, clients, and supervisors on a regular basis. You will likely have to hold staff meetings, so you need to be able to speak clearly. You will also need to write reports or recommendations from time to time.
  • Customer-oriented: when a customer is unpleased, they will ask to talk to the manager. How you interact with these customers will determine if they will purchase from your store again. As a result, it will affect the health of your company, as well as employee morale. Being able to hear the customer out and solve their issues promptly is crucial.

Resume sample

Now that you are familiar with the requirements and duties of a good store manager, it’s time to build a resume that will showcase your skills and impress a potential employer. Here is a sample to get you inspired.

John Doe


Address: …

Phone: …

E-mail: …


I am a customer-oriented individual with over 15 years of experience working retail. I like to think of myself as a driven and tenacious manager, with an enthusiastic approach to all duties that come with the job, from coordinating employees to handling budgets. I also have a proven ability to drive sales, recruit top talent, and come up with ingenious advertising campaigns that attract customers. I am currently looking to work for a company that will allow me to showcase my abilities and develop my skills even further.


Company Name, City, State, Period of employment

Store manager

Main responsibilities:

  • Managing a team of over 20 employees
  • Planning various promotions and events for the store
  • Organizing staff training
  • Recruiting new employees
  • Assisting customers and addressing their concerns
  • Handling all merchandising, inventory control, ordering, cash control, and maintenance

Special Achievements:

  • Ran several successful promotions which lead to an increase in sales by 40%


  • High school diploma, XXXXX High School, graduated XXXX


  • Knowledge of all relevant retailing legal and ethical requirements
  • Remarkable organizational skills
  • Customer-oriented
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Great people skills
  • People management experience
  • The ability to work under pressure and make fast decisions
  • Capable to deal promptly with emergency situations
  • The ability to follow instructions and deliver quality results


Available upon request.

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