10 Things Successful People Do Differently

They are driven and motivated people, who succeed at everything they do. You certainly know a few. You admire them. You wonder how they are managing to accomplish everything they put their minds to. Successful people seem like an exclusive bunch, often reluctant to let you in on their secrets. Secrets you think have the ability to change your life; or at least your mindset.

The truth is that there is no surefire recipe for success. However, there are a few things successful people do differently. Let’s take a look.

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They have a plan

You won’t get far in life without a clear plan of what you want to accomplish. Successful people focus on setting S.M.A.R.T. goals, and then hatch out a plan to achieve them. S.M.A.R.T. goals are goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. For instance, “being successful” isn’t a smart goal – it’s an extremely vague one. “Opening my own business by November” or “doubling my current income by the end of the year”, however, are S.M.A.R.T. goals.

In order to set them, start by defining what success means to you and take it from there. Once you have a goal in mind (an achievable one!), figure out all the steps you will need to take in order to accomplish it. Set clear time-frames for these steps and do the work necessary to take them, one at the time. Climbing the ladder to success may be tough, but it gets easier once you know what’s expecting you at the top and what you have to do to get there.

They work hard

There’s no way around this. If you are afraid of hard work, success is far less likely to come your way. You have to be ready to make sacrifices, work long hours to achieve your dreams, and pick yourself up after every setback.

For instance, let’s say you want to start working for yourself. You might not afford to quit your day-job right away, so you will have to work on your own projects on nights and weekends, at least in the beginning. Your social and personal life may suffer. Can you handle that?

They don’t make excuses

Successful people don’t have the word “excuse” in their vocabulary. When you think about your dream, it’s easy to come up with an excuse not to do your best to make it come true. Successful people don’t do that. They are proactive and do their best to overcome each obstacle that comes their way. After all, if you don’t believe in your dream, why would anyone else?

They aren’t afraid of failure

There’s a popular saying which states that success happens outside your comfort zone. It’s true. In order to become successful, you have to push yourself and suppress your fear of failure. Failure isn’t the worst thing that can happen. At least you can learn something when you make a mistake. No trying is the worst.

They ask for help

There is no shame in asking for help. Successful people understand that they can’t know everything, so they are willing to reach out to people who might know more. Surrounding yourself with smart and disciplined individuals will allow you to learn and grow. In the same note, start building a strong support system. Your friends and family are the best ones to keep you motivated and accountable when it comes to reaching your goals.

They wake up early

This may sound silly, but it’s true. According to Forbes, research shows that early risers tend to be happier and more proactive. Bill Gross, Anna Wintour, Jack Dorsey are all early risers. By waking up early you have a chance to get a jump-start on your day and spend some time focusing on what you wish to accomplish.

They set aside time for themselves

Taking a moment for yourself every now and them will allow you to be more mindful of your needs and desires. You will be able to focus better on what you have to do and celebrate how far you’ve come along the way. Meditation is a great practice for people striving for success – it allows you to recharge, boosts your creativity and reduces stress.

They are interested in developing themselves

Learning doesn’t stop once you graduate – it’s an ongoing process that, for successful people, lasts a lifetime. They are always interested in how they can become better, more productive, more skilled. They may take classes or courses and they find mentors who can help them grow.

They strive to achieve a healthy work/life balance

Here’s the thing – as we stated at the start of this article, success looks different for everyone. One thing is certain, though: without a healthy work/life balance, you will become too burnt out to enjoy it. It’s extremely easy to lose your balance when you let your work life consume you. Make sure that you spend enough time with your loved ones and relax once in a while.

They don’t get discouraged

Setbacks are inevitable. Failure may show its ugly head every now and then. But that’s alright. Successful people know how to regroup and try again. Keeping a positive attitude and always moving forward, despite of hardship, is a clear sign that you are meant for success.

Dreams don’t have to be dreams forever. They can become reality. With dedication, hard work, and careful planning, you too will soon be on the right path for success. What are you waiting for?

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