Handing in Your Two Weeks Notice Letter

Handing in Your Two Weeks Notice Letter

Many people dream of saying, “Take this job and….” You know the rest. What you don’t want to do is burn your bridges. You never know when people at the old firm can help you out, and you may even find yourself back with your current firm in another position at some point in the future. Also, keep in mind that your current boss is the one who will give you a recommendation for a new job.

There are many reasons why you may find yourself in a position to write a letter of resignation, giving the traditional two week notice to your company. Maybe you won the lottery, or you found another, more lucrative position. More likely you just have the feeling it is time to move on, possibly to go back to school or to try something totally different. Whatever the reason, you will be faced with the prospect of telling your boss you are leaving and writing a letter giving your two week notice.

Handing in Your Two Weeks Notice Letter

Before You Give Two Weeks Notice

Making the decision to move on is easy if the company is losing customers and you see downsizing, or even bankruptcy, on the horizon. Or you find that the job no longer meets your needs in terms of salary, benefits or commuting time. This can occur when you have a family and your income is no longer adequate, even though you may enjoy what you are doing. You may also have a poor relationship with your manager, with no prospect for improvement.

There are other reasons to find another job that may not be as clear cut. For example, your stress level may be off the chart, and your unhappiness is starting to spill over into your relationships or your health. You may feel that the ethics of the company do not jive with your ethics. You may be asked to lie to customers, or you may find out that the company is using unfair practices against the competition. Another good reason to move on to another job is that you simply stopped having fun. And life is too short to be miserable every working day.

A Sample Two Weeks Notice Letter

When you sit down to write your resignation letter, remember to use it to maintain a positive relationship with your old boss. This is a smart move because your previous employer will be in a position to give you a glowing reference for future employment. Your letter should be professional, brief and to the point. This is not the time to become emotional and tell your boss every negative you feel about management and the job.

To write the letter, use a traditional business letter format. Place your name, address, phone number and email at the top. Then add the date and the name and title of your boss, followed by the name and address of the company. The body of the letter can be as short as two or three sentences. You might say something like this:

Dear ____________:                           

I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position as Sales Manager for the Adams Company, effective September 1.

Thank you for the opportunities that you have provided me during the last three years. If I can be of any assistance during this time of transition, please let me know.


Your Signature

Your Typed Name

If you enjoyed the job and your relationship with your boss, say so by adding words like “thank you for your support” and “I have enjoyed my time with the company.”

When to Hand In Your Two Weeks Notice Letter

So now you have made the decision to move on to something different, and you are wondering when to submit your two weeks notice letter. A lucky few may be in the position to actually quit before finding some other source of income. Maybe you are going out on your own and starting a business, or you might have an excellent separation package. In these situations, you can give your two week notice right away. Just be sure to check out your insurance options so you do not let your health coverage drop. If your coverage does lapse, laws may allow you to continue your current insurance or get new insurance.

However, if you are like most people, you may find that it is better to wait until you secure another job before quitting your current job. Make sure you do not discuss your job search with your co-workers or use your work phone or work email to find a job. If your boss finds out that you are taking time out of your work day for interviews and planning to leave, you may be fired on the spot.

After You Submit Your Two Weeks Notice Letter

All that stands between you and your two weeks notice letter is a new job. This is the time to update your resume, emphasizing skills that you have and what you will bring to the position you seek. Use the Internet to get your name and qualifications out there. Join social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, and conduct a job search on websites like Craigslist, CareerBuilder, Monster and SimplyHired. Some websites specialize in particular types of jobs.

Network by getting in touch with people who can help you out. Call on colleagues from a former job, past employers, college friends and others you know who are in a field related to yours. Mention your job search to people you come in contact with. You will have to assess the risk that your current boss may find out you are looking. Your college career center may help in your job search, and you can call on alumni who may be able to hook you up with an employer. Colleges and universities often sponsor job fairs, where you can meet potential employers in person. Make sure you to take along an up-to-date resume.

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