A Guide to Creating a Warehouse Resume (with Responsibilities, Job Description, and Salary)

Warehouse jobs are booming thanks to the growth of many big companies and their goods distribution centers. Warehouse operation is necessary for a great customer experience and for that reason, many employers are currently looking to hire people at all levels of warehouse jobs. Therefore, it is a great idea to get started on your resume polishing skills and be fully prepared for a well-paid job in the booming industry.

Warehouse workers are an important part of a warehouse and their main duties include transporting goods and managing shipments. They work in distribution facilities by loading and unloading products from delivery trucks and prepare orders for shipment. Because a warehouse employee’s key duty is to make sure the transit of products is smooth from one place to another, these professionals hold an important role in the manufacturing sector. Becoming a warehouse worker doesn’t require any special training but employers do prefer workers who have graduated from high school at least.

Warehouse professionals may include material handlers, managers, shipping clerks and packagers alike. Working in a warehouse atmosphere is a difficult job because there’s a lot that needs to be done within a limited time. Hours are long and the physical labor is intense. The task of lifting may involve over 50 pounds of goods, along with other tasks such as pushing, bending, standing, or pulling for long hours.

Working in a warehouse may also require an employee to work both inside and outside, and their job position will be highly dependent on this. Although managers may lead the supervisory positions, other employees are expected to work with heavy materials and transfer them on to conveyor belts or transportation vehicles for shipment. People who plan to work as a workhouse employee should be physically fit and have the stamina to work for longer shift times in harsh climates.

Warehouse Worker Job Description

Warehouse Worker On-Job Duties

  • Preparing orders by processing supply orders and requests, packing boxes, pulling materials; putting orders in the delivery zone.
  • Completing deliveries by driving a van or truck to and from suppliers.
  • Maintaining the van or truck by carrying out preventative maintenance needs, and arranging for repairs.
  • Maintaining stock controls by printing requests and assembling inventory location orders.
  • Maintaining a clean and safe environment by maintaining the pallet area, workstations and shelves neat and clean; ensuring that the shipping areas are clan; following the rules and regulations and procedures very closely.
  • Completing reports by putting in all the necessary information.
  • Maintaining technical knowledge and skills by attending instructive workshops and seminars; reviewing publications.
  • Contributing to the entire team by achieving results as needed.

Warehouse Worker Responsibilities

Warehouse employees work under the supervision of a team leader or manager and are typically responsible for sorting, receiving, taking, storing stock, maintaining records and processing shipment of goods stored in the warehouse. These workers are also responsible for handling any automated machines for instance conveyor belts, forklifts, high stackers and rail cars. The work requires is physically draining which makes it a must for warehouse workers to be fit.

Receiving Goods

Warehouse workers should be able to receive merchandise delivered to the warehouse for storage. They unload the goods from vans and ensure that they are in line with the delivery documents like bill of lading, delivery note or shipping invoice. They also have to ensure that the products received are in the best condition and report if there are any defects to the supervising manager.

Operating Equipment

Even though warehouse employees usually work manually and carry goods off a ship or truck, there are times when that may become physically impossible. Thus, the employees are required to transfer heavy consignment. New employees receive training on the best use of this equipment prior to being allowed to use them on their own.

Categorization Merchandise

Warehouses stock a diverse variety of goods and it becomes the duty of the warehouse employee to organize and categorize the deliveries and stack the same kinds of products in one place. Sorting the merchandize also helps with keeping records and filling orders when it is time for shipping the goods to the final customers.

Preparing Documentation

Whenever needed, warehouse workers will be required to take the responsibility of processing storage receipts for customers who hoard their goods in the warehouse. These receipts are important to demonstrate obedience of the law and are helpful to the clients who can secure funding loans with them. Warehouse employees are also sometimes required to keep a record of any stock damage that may have taken place and dispose any of those defective merchandise.

Storing Goods

It is the job of the warehouse worker to mark, tag or label inventory items and implement the best location and method for storing in the storeroom depending nature of the merchandise. The employee stacks the goods in accordance with the designated system of storing goods in the warehouse.

Filling Orders

A warehouse employee should also be prepared to fill out orders. He will need to retrieve the items from their different storage locations for dispatch and organize them before confirming that they are in the best condition and that no faults are detected before shipping it out to the customer. The employee then prepares the goods for shipping via wrapping, labeling or boxing and then delivers them to the shipment room from where they are then dispatched to the customers.

Warehouse Worker Qualifications and Skills

Qualification Requirements

  • High School diploma or something of the equivalent
  • 1 to 2 years of previous warehouse experience is preferred but not mandatory
  • Good organizational, communicational, mathematical and time management skills
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Equipment maintenance, inventory management, computer skills and data entry might be needed.

Physical Abilities and Demands

  • Will be regularly required to use hands to handle, feel or finger, reach with arms and hands and hear or talk
  • Should be able to regularly more 10-50 lbs. objects or lift and/or move objects weighing more than 100 lbs.
  • Occasionally sitting and climbing or balancing.
  • Special vision abilities needed for this job include distance vision, close vision, peripheral vision, color vision, ability to focus and adjust, and depth perception.

Important Points to Remember When Creating Your Warehouse Worker Resume

  • Presentation and format are very important for the success of your warehouse worker resume. Most employers are looking for hard working, experienced and reliable employees can really deliver professionalism. Although professionalism cannot be judged at first glance of a resume, it still can be very beneficial, as a nicely drafted resume will give off a good impression. You can also consider using an online resume builder or software such as Adobe Indesign to make sure the layout of the resume is clear, neat and organized.
  • Make sure your resume is written in a summary form instead of long, boring paragraphs. Use bullet points often and be sure to highlight your levels of work ethic and commitment. Generally, the majority of employers look for employees who are willing and able to ready to take the job without compromising on the safety and efficiency.
  • Experience is very important and one of the main focus areas for employers, so be clear about the employment titles and dates of your previous warehouses. If you don’t have experience, make sure you impress the reader with your academics or personal qualities such as reliability and ability to pay attention.
  • Do some research and try to learn something about your goal in the business of the new employer. You should understand the type of inventory you will be dealing with (food, electronics, etc.), and be well prepared for the interview.
  • Pay more attention to the most important things about you such as your achievements and make sure you summarize them either in brief, short sentences or bullet points so that it is easier to read.

Additional Tips

  • Use a chronological format as it is commonly preferred by employers. Use functional format only when you are changing the fields.
  • Make sure you state your job objective. This shows the reader a sense of direction and they will be more interested in what you have in store for them.
  • Keep in mind that your warehouse worker resume should not solely be focused on your past jobs, but should be a reflection of your personality, how you performed those specific tasks and what exactly did you achieve in all those jobs. Highlight the achievements that are the most relevant to the job you are applying for and the work you wish to do in the future. A good resume always foresees how you may perform in your next desired job

Salary of a Warehouse Worker

As of February 2017, the average annual salary of a warehouse worker is $27,561, however this can change depending on a number of factors such as experience, area, skills and qualification.

Warehouse Worker Resume Sample

Jackie J. Liu
Truffle Limited
The Big Peg
140 Visc Street
Edinburgh C278 6S18F
LA, United States of America
Telephone: 0054 028 53578
Email: info@truffleshuflejobs.com

A diligent and physically fit woman who has experience in picking, palletizing, selecting, and storing goods in a storage house. Jackie comes with a strong experience in Warehouse Operations and handling any related transportation machine. She is someone who possess a range of capabilities that make her stand out among her other candidates, principal amongst these is her ability to swiftly fill and assemble orders to be transported to customers. As an experienced professional, she is able to work at heights, lift over 50 lbs. weighing objects, stand continuously and accomplish physically demanding work that calls for pushing or pulling hefty loads. Besides her technical aptitudes, her pleasant nature and brilliant communication skills let her work both independently and as part of a team and oblige with uniform work instructions. At the moment she is searching for a suitable position with an employer who can offer a modest salary, a secure work environment, and a wide array of benefits.


WAREHOUSE WORKER – November  2012 – present

Employer’s name –Alexis Scofield

Responsible for working in a busy warehouse and making sure the deliveries are made to customers on time.


  • Handling power material and operating equipment to correctly pick and palletize loads.
  • Packaging goods for shipment.
  • Finding merchandise and stock in the warehouse.
  • Shrink wrapping merchandize for loading onto trailers.
  • Making sure that the right labels are put on all the stored pallets.
  • Moving pallets by hand truck, hand, manual pallet jack or electric pallet jack.
  • Regularly cleaning all containers and warehouse areas.
  • Loading and unloading trucks from platforms or ground level.
  • Matching items and quantities being dispatched against the invoice.
  • Helping in yearly inventories.
  • Making use of computer equipment to produce labels.
  • Keeping incoming orders onto shelves.
  • Loading goods onto vans and trucks.
  • Organizing stock in the warehouse.
  • Loading and unloading trucks and containers.

TRAINEE ASSISTANT – September 2010 – September 2012

Employer’s name – Jay Park

CASHIER – July 2007 – May 2010

Employer’s name – Jay Park


  • Acquainted with an electronic warehouse system.
  • Should be able to work at raised heights up to about 30 feet.
  • Ability to maneuver a tractor-trailer in an efficient and safe manner.
  • Keeping a clean, safe and organized work atmosphere.
  • Ability to prioritize and organize job requirements and task.
  • Creating safety measures.
  • Precisely understanding instructions.
  • Establishing respect and integrity to senior managers all the time.


  • Physically fit and able to work in hot or cold environments.
  • Possessing math proficiency and strong communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational, time management and customer relations skills.


Warehouse Operations

Using Power-driven Transportation machines

Merchandize Distribution


University of Edinburgh – Teaching Degree 2000 – 2004

Red College – CSA ND 2001 – 2003

Contemporary School; O levels Accounts (A) English (B) Math (A) Chemistry (C)


Available on request

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